Hilbert to Hogwarts

Story and photos by Mary Kate Wirfel

On February 21 and February 22, Hilbert College hosted its second annual Hilbert to Hogwarts school event.

Inspired by the bestselling book series by J. K. Rowling, Hilbert transformed the West Herr Atrium and the Bogel front hall foyer into a Hogwarts experience.

February 21

The Bogel front hall foyer was transformed into an Owlry, where students were able to hang out with decorative owls.



In the West Herr Atrium, students were able to take a Harry Potter-themed quiz to be selected into one of the Hogwarts houses: Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff.


Ravenclaw House


Slytherin house

Slytherin House


Gryffindor House


Hufflepuff House

Students were also able to make quill pens, neckties to go with their house theme and potions with glitter, glue, and water.


quil pen makeing

Crafting quill pens

tie makeing

School ties


There was also Butterbeer, potion drinks, and snitch-themed cake pops to snack on.





Making potions


Snitch cakepops

Snitch cake pops

February 22

In McGrath Library, attendees were able to create “monster” books, and in Bogel 101,  the first two Harry Potter movies were shown for students to watch in between classes.

 Overall, it was a magical two days at Hilbert College.

Four golden snitches are hidden around campus. If you find one, bring it to Student Government President Cory Boice at the Student Activities Office in Campus Center, Lower Level, for a prize.

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