Contributed by Daniel Wentz

Make a $2 donation to Giving Day, and you will be entered in a drawing to win a free pair of Beats headphones. Your first $1 will go toward funding current and future campus scholarships, while the second will fund the Giving Day prizes for next year. You may purchase as many $2 raffle tickets as you would like! Just go to Fran-Hall Room 202-B for tickets. The winner will be drawn on Thursday (March 1) at 2 PM in the West Herr Atrium. This contest is only open to current Hilbert students.

*You may also participate online by clicking here.

Using the online system, you can make a gift of $2 by selecting the bubble for “Other” amount, and then input 2.00. Next, for the gift “designation,” select “Other Designation” from the scroll-down bar, and when the text box appears underneath, type “Beats Raffle.”

Other Giving Day festivities are as follows (all will be taking place in the West Herr Atrium on Thursday, March 1):
10 AM – Wheel of Prizes. Donate $1 for your chance to spin a wheel and win a small token of our appreciation. You can also pay $5 and guarantee yourself a piece of Hilbert apparel!
*the following three activities are all $2 per person ($1 for a Giving Day contribution, $1 to fund the prizes)

11 AM – Ladder Ball Tournament. Compete in a 2-on-2, bracket-style tournament alongside a partner of your choosing! The winning team receives Hilbert College shirts. Additional prizes will be available for the second-place team.

12 PM – Darts Tournament. 1-on-1 elimination-style tournament with the winner receiving a bookbag. Additional prizes will be available for the second-place contestant.

1 PM – Radio Trivia. Participate in a 3-on-3 (every person for themselves) rapid-fire question and answer session that will air live on Hawk Radio! The winner receives a Hilbert beanie. Additional prizes will be available for the second and third-place contestants.

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday! Come out and celebrate your Hilbert pride!!

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