Hawk Wheels: ’92 Camaro


Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of columns where the Scribe’s Garret Derkovitz will profile interesting cars and their owners on Hilbert’s campus.

by Garrett Derkovitz

There are many cars in this world. It’s impossible to miss them when they’re constantly moving around you. Some are fast and some are slow. But what I got for you today is now a surviving gem of years gone by. It is a Chevy Camaro, but not just any Camaro. It’s the 25th Anniversary Edition.

The 1992 Chevy Camaro RS 25th Anniversary Edition is something to behold when it is driving up next to you revving its engine. Besides having a long title, the Camaro is recognized as one of the best American cars, a sports car enthusiasts drool over when they see it down at the dragstrip.

The Chevy Camaro was originally created to rival one specific car: the Ford Mustang. Created back in the mid 60’s, the Mustang was loved by all, and was in a class all its own when it was introduced to the public. Chevy decided they needed a car to compete with the hugely popular Mustang, a car that remains a big hit today. They then created the Camaro with the sole purpose putting Ford’s pony car into the ground, spurring a decades long rivalry.

The 1992 Chevy Camaro, 26 years old this year, is a part of that history. Camaro owner and Hilbert student Carl Zarcone owns this little speed demon and says he doesn’t have a single regret about it. As a young kid Carl was always into sports cars. “When the opportunity came up, could not pass up the opportunity,” he said.

Carl purchased the Camaro from a huge car buff, who sold the car because there was no more room in his garage to keep it.

Carl’s 25th Edition Camaro has red interior, a motorized trunk, and a V8 engine. It runs smoothly, Carl said. “A lot of cars are too bumpy.” he added.  “This runs really smooth. That’s why I like it.”

As many members of older generations have said, they don’t make them like they used to. Younger people like Carl are helping to immortalize the older cars. They most likely will not be around forever, so any young guys or girls who would be interested in giving these old cars new life would help keep them around for the next generations to come. Carl suggests to you that you buy a 92 Camaro. “It’s fast and has a T-top option available.”

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