Journalists Visit Hilbert

Hilbert College students heard from a panel of three journalists this week, part of the school’s annual communications career week.

Kyle Mackie of WBFO, Caitlin Dewey of The Buffalo News and Casey Bortnick of Spectrum News covered a wide range of topics during the talk, offering insights into the challenges of rewards of pursuing a career in journalism.

: Bortnick, who discovered his passion for journalism at SUNY Brockport after being recruited to play football for the school, said he believes there will always be an opportunity for journalists, even as the business model has made for a challenging professional environment.

Is there a direct quote from him we can use here?

Mackie, who has worked internationally for major news outlets like the New York Times and WNYC, described the many challenges she has faced in her career despite having a master’s degree in journalism and clips in highly regarded publications.

“If you want to make it into this industry you have to believe in yourself,” she said.

Dewey, whose employer faces new uncertainties after it was announced that The Buffalo News will be sold to a newspaper conglomerate, acknowledged the many challenges that students should consider when deciding to pursue journalism, but also talked about how much she loves the work.

“It’s the Purest form of mental desire with working with words and massaging words and coming up with the best way to frame or to tell a story is ultimately the best way,” she said.

Then something fun to close: The panelists all offered some of their most interesting or exciting experiences to close, describing how rewarding the profession can be. Mackie recounted a lunch with a Palestinian family outside of Nazareth. Dewey described a trip to Wisconsin to help a dairy farmer with his daily work. And Bortnick talked about his experiences chasing Ralph “Bucky” Phillips, the escaped convict who spent the summer of 2006 on the run in Chautauqua County.

Bortnick got a little too close to the action once, being told by officers in pursuit of Phillips to duck behind the engine block of his car as the sound of gunfire rang out, he said.

“That is the closest I will ever get to a war zone,” Bortnick said.

Hilbert Holds Graduate School Expo

Throughout the afternoon of Tuesday, November 12th in the Franciscan Hall Atrium, Hilbert College hosted its annual Graduate School Expo. Graduate admissions representatives from across the region gathered in the atrium to discuss their programs with Hilbert College’s students and alumni. Students and alumni entering the atrium were greeted by door prizes and free food, as well as graduate representatives from Hilbert to start off the expo. Students who attended the event were able to discuss many important points about the ten colleges and universities in the atrium, such as application deadlines, GPA requirements, entrance exams and personal statements.

The Scribe interviewed a number of representatives and other individuals at the expo, and they had some interesting things to say about their schools and experiences. Admissions representatives from ten schools including Hilbert all attended the expo to provide important information about their school’s programs. Some of these schools included Canisius College, Alfred University, Daemen College, Niagara University, and many more. The Scribe interviewed representatives Katie Martoche of Hilbert College, and Brandi Banks, the Senior Graduate Admissions Counselor at Canisius College. These representatives discussed some of the graduate programs offered at their respective schools, and the value these programs have to benefit students who have graduated from or are enrolled in an undergraduate program at Hilbert College.

The Scribe also interviewed one of Hilbert’s students for an alternative perspective on the Graduate Expo and the benefits it can have towards students and Alumni. Senior Brandon Zicari discussed with the scribe his take on how an event like the graduate expo can benefit students and alumni at Hilbert, and he also spoke on the importance of meeting these representatives face to face and gaining knowledge on the programs in person as opposed to just searching around on a school’s website for information on their programs.

All in all, an event like Hilbert’s annual Graduate Expo can be an incredibly useful tool for students and alumni here at Hilbert. If you plan on working through a graduate program in the future, perhaps this expo could be a big help in making a decision when it returns to Hilbert College next year.

Tea Leaf Cafe Continues to Impress

Tea Leaf Café, one of Buffalo’s favorite cafes, resides right here in Blasdell, just minutes from Hilbert College. Well known for their bubble tea with over 25 different flavors and endless possibilities, the Tea Leaf Café is a great place to study and get some work done while enjoying a delicious beverage.

The Scribe asked a customer at the Amherst location, what they think about Tea Leaf Café.

“I started coming here because my friend brought me to try a bubble tea; and now I’m hooked. We have a class together at ECC and started coming here to study and work on our homework. This is my favorite place to get work done when I’m tired of sitting at home doing it.” Kendall said. “My favorite drink is the strawberry bubble tea smoothie with the passion fruit boba.”

The dining area in the café has plenty of room to come in with a group of friends to just hang out or even have a study group. The café has a positive atmosphere with friendly staff that are extremely helpful with answering any questions you have about their menu.

They are open until 11 PM every day and 1AM on Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate your late night crave. They have two locations, one near the McKinley Mall in Blasdell and the other is in Amherst near the AMC theater.

Podcast as Promotion

David Schaub is a Western New York Entrepreneur who uses podcasts to grow his business. You may be wondering, “ What exactly does Schaub do?” Schaub is a motivational speaker and often talks to college students. Schaub’s ultimate goal is to connect people and give people opportunities. He works for N2 Publishing, which provides local businesses connections to people in the area. He also creates podcasts and connects with local Western New Yorkers to find out what they do. Normally, he creates podcasts with his clients. Schaub has many connections and is able to bring a lot of people together. He focuses a lot on leadership and entrepreneurship. There are so many great entrepreneurs in our hometown, so he said it would be intriguing to “learn from people that do well in Buffalo.”

Schaub uses podcasts to fuel his business essentially. He started making podcasts in April and has made over 50 of them. “You have to find something you love doing and be selective about it”, he says. He plans to hold events, build his following, learn about what people do in each field, and have speakers in each field. “I plan to have high end entrepreneurs to teach you and find connections”, Schaub says. Schaub says, “You have to be unique or different, passionate, and solve a problem that people want to be solved. That’s what will set you apart from other people. “ He also stated, “There’s nothing like this in Buffalo, Why can’t I do it? I want to do this.”

Schaub says, “I’m connecting people with people they might not have had the chance to.” By gaining followers on social media, he is able to publicize himself and reach out to the community to connect people with other people, providing people with opportunities that may have never had.

You can follow David Schaub on Instagram at wnyentrepreneurpodcast.

Podcast: A Musical Journey

The Scribe’s Melissa Shepard sat down and talked about her music journey with Miranda Shepard. Melissa Shepard has previously tried out for the hit T.V. shows, The Voice and American Idol. She talks about her journey and performs an original song that she wrote in high school.

Hawks Edge Keuka

Hilbert college men’s basketball team won a nail-biter over Keuka College earlier this month, by the score 98-97.

The game was an extremely exciting contest for the fans as it went back and forth all afternoon long with the Hawks holding on after Keuka had a chance to win the game with the game’s final possession.

Hilbert started the game on fire being up as many as 13 points at one point in the first half, before going down early in the second half. However, they closed out the game strong and ended up winning the game by one point.

Any fan who bought a ticket was definitely entertained, but these games can be tough for the coaching staff to watch. Head coach Rob deGrandpre was happy that his team managed to hold on to the game and get the win, but not overly pleased with how they played.

“I like our start, I don’t like the fact that we give up a lot of points,” deGrandpre said. “It puts a lot of pressure on us to rally. I’m sure the people who bought a ticket tonight got their money’s worth but that’s not how we draw it up,”

One key to the high score was the amount fouls taken by Hilbert’s defense. To start the second half the hawks had seven defensive fouls in the first five minutes. That’s a lot of free points to be handing out to the opposing team.

“Usually in practice we certainly harp on defending without fouling,” deGrandpre said regarding the Hawks’ foul troubles. “It really comes back to being fundamental. You’ve got to be a disciplined team if you want to have success. And while we try to take advantage that when other teams do it, we can’t do that and expect to win games”.

A huge positive in Saturday’s win was the way bench stepped up for the Hawks, scoring 39 points. deGrandpre pointed out, “The good news for us is we have other guys that can step up and contribute and they did for us tonight. One of the keys going into the game was for the bench to contribute and give us a lift.”

One of those bench players that provided the team a huge lift was Kyreese Fisher who had five points in the Hawks win Saturday afternoon. He provided a spark on defense and was trusted to be on the floor in the final minute with the hawks protecting a lead.

“Coming off the bench I just try to focus on my defense because I need to ty and bring energy to the game,” Fisher said. “The easiest way for me to do that is being up on defense and pressuring the opponent.”

Another Hawk who really brought his game was senior Alex Karamanos, who played 27 minutes for the hawks and scored 24 points in the contest. He was very energetic and physical all night long being hard to handle for Keuka.

“We’re all really close and we all trust each other that any five of us can make a shot and I think that’s how we keep our composer and it worked out pretty well,” Karamanos said.

The Hawks are now 4-1 on the season and will play their next game on Tuesday November 26th at 6:00pm in University of Pittsburgh Bradford.

New Apartment Going Up at Immaculata Site

Immaculta Academy, directly next door to Hilbert Colleges, is under renovations to become a large apartment complex called The Oaks.

RANE Property Management purchased the 27-acre plot of land to turn the former academy into a residential apartment complex. RANE Development received $1.85 million in property tax breaks and is in the process of starting the $26.7 million project which is projected to create 171 temporary construction jobs and seven full-time jobs, according to the Buffalo News;

As for the Immaculate Academy building itself, RANE Property Management decided to keep the structure. The gymnasium and the auditorium currently will be fully renovated into a clubhouse community center to allow for the pool, fitness center, and an updated gymnasium center inside.

As for Hilbert College itself and according to on market rated apartments, this will be an eye-opening sight for future potential students seeking next door apartments close to campus which will hopefully allow for a greater growth of student enrollment at Hilbert College. The expected completion date for The Oaks is before the end of next year, Catia said.

“We plan to begin moving people in before the holidays of 2020,” he said.

AFC Playoff Predictions

It’s currently week 15 in the NFL and the playoff race is starting to get hot. For the first six weeks it looked like only the NFC would be a competitive race down the stretch but here we are in week 15 and it’s pretty tight for those beloved spots. So let me give you my not so biased, bills favored playoff bracket predictions.

In this article we’re going to focus on the AFC. right now as it stands the Patriots lead the east, the Ravens lead the north, the Texans lead the south, and the Chiefs lead the west. I’m not so certain all of these teams are leading their divisions at the end of the year with the Bills, Steelers, Colts, and Raiders all breathing down their necks respectively. Anyway let’s categorize the tiers of the Afc.


New England Patriots– The defense is hanging tough but people are slowly starting to score on them, not their biggest worry with the way the offense has been struggling and that can be a major issue that even Bill Belichick and Josh Mcdaniels might not be able to fix. Dare I say Tom Brady has hit the wall? And yes of course another cheating allegations looms large.

Remaining schedule:  @ CIN; vs BUF; vs MIA

Final record: 12-4

Baltimore Ravens– They’re the hottest team in football winning 9 in a row and holding onto the win vs Buffalo by sixteen yards. Lamar Jackson is by far getting it done and the defense is the hottest in football. BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ

Remaining schedule: vs NYJ; @ CLE; vs PITT

Final record: 13-3

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS– The offense speaks for itself, Andy Reid is pushing all the right but and the defense is even making plays which could make the Chiefs the scariest team in football.

Remaining schedule: vs DEN; @ CHI; vs SD

Final record: 11-5

BUFFALO BILLS– That win in Dallas was so huge for national attention but more importantly for their playoff hopes. The defense is top 3 again this season and the offense is starting to hit their stride. WIN AND YOU’RE IN BUFFALO!!!!

FInal record: 11-5

Remaining schedule: @ PIT; @ NE; vs NYJ


HOUSTON TEXANS–  The path to the playoffs is beat the Titans twice, easy as that. Their defense isn’t looking too hot with Clowney gone and Watt hurt but Desean Watson will keep you in any game, but it’s very possible that the Texans miss the playoffs.

Remaining schedule: @ TEN; vs @ TAM; vs TEN

Pittsburgh Steelers– For the longest time the Steelers were dead in the water but the Defense has brought them all the way up to sixth place and the offense is staying out of their own

Remaining schedule:  vs BUF; @ NYJ; @ BAL

Final Record: 10-6

TENNESSEE TITANS– The Ryan Tannehill resurgence is happening!!. I’d like to pat myself on the back for predicting him taking over for Mariota when he signed there. Their defense is a real threat now it’s a matter of them vs the Texans twice that will ultimately determine their season especially with the Saints coming to town in between.

Remaining schedule: HOU; vs NOLA; @ HOU

Final record: 9-7


OAKLAND RAIDERS– They would need to win out and hope for some help but stranger things have happened so it’s not impossible

Remaining schedule: vs vs JAC; @ LAC; @ DEN

Final record 8-8

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS– To me the Brisset injury weeks ago took the wind out of their sails but with the Titans and Texans playing each other twice a win out from INdy could give them a shot.

Remaining schedule: @ NOLA; vs CAR; vs JAC

Final record 8-8

The rest of the crew

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS– Did I say San Diego, whoops I meant Los Angeles. The fan base in LA is atrocious and the stadium gets filled by opposing fans week in and week out. Anyway the Chargers need to start thinking about life after Phillips Rivers.

 JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS– Foles needs to come back better next year because of that contract or Minshew mania needs to make everyone forget about that so far putrid Foles deal. Either way Doug Marrone is out the door and has no fingers left to point at other people. Just two years ago they were one stop away from a super bowl appearance. Funny how that works doesn’t it?

DENVER BRONCOS– The Broncos defense is good and really good at that but their offense is very poor and they can’t find a way to win tight games, hence the -21 point differential. All in all they aren’t in bad shape for the big picture but John Elway better find his quarterback of the future unless Drew Lock is the answer.

CLEVELAND BROWNS- MAybe next year Brownies and maybe next year Odell Beckham jr. will stop being selfish and Freddie Kitchens will figure it out.

MIAMI DOLPHINS– the Dolphins definitely aren’t the 2016/2017 Cleveland Browns dilemma as the Fitzmagic is getting them a couple wins and I really like Brian Flores as a coach. Maybe this full on rebuild works but I want to see Josh Rosen to get put in a good system with good players around him because he’s been thrown in the worst offenses back to back seasons and hasn’t gotten a fair chance.

 NEW YORK JETS– J-E-T-S suck suck suck! Remember when some national media had the Jets in the playoffs in the summer, welp that died pretty fast just like the ghosts that Sammy Darny sees on the field apparently, and yes Adam Gase should be canned too.

CINCINNATI BENGALS– Their defense sucks and they were starting Ryan Finley at quarterback. Clearly this is a rebuild and they’re definitely going after the likes of Joe Burrow, Tua taga, Jusstin Herbert, and Jaylon Hurts. But as buffalonians we will always love Andy Dalton


Wild Card

4v5     Bills @ Texans

3v6     Steelers @ Chiefs

BYES: Patriots and Ravens

That’s my outlook and projection to date, hopefully reality includes the Bills with a bye and a home game.



Flag Football Tournament Benefits People Inc.

When it comes to autumn, football comes to mind.  SIM 410 Sports Events and Operations put on an extraordinary event for a great cause.

Hilbert College student, Shannon Stokes ran a flag football tournament this past Saturday on campus. This event was for her class that Professor Daniel Roland teaches. The tournament ran on Saturday November 9th, from 3pm to 7pm. They used Hafner Recreation Center, for indoor play use.

“The tournament benefited People Inc.; a non-profit organization that provides services for individuals with disabilities and seniors,” said Stokes.   Professor Roland said, “The group raised $314 from the teams participated in the tournament, concession sales, and raffle baskets.

Five teams participated in this event: Baked Bean Blowouts, Wheel & Deal, Hilbert, The Ducks, and Red Raiders. The games consisted of five vs five, one point per touchdown, two seven min halves, and a two min halftime break. The first round bye was given to the first registered team. Baked Bean Blowouts got the first round bye, for that matter of pre-registration.

The tournament was very competitive and hard fought by all teams. It came down to two teams for the championship. Wheel & Deal vs The Ducks was  for the trophy. That game was really tightly contested, but Wheel & Deal came out victorious. After the tournament concluded, Wheel & Deal hoisted their trophy and got a team photo with Shannon and her event helpers. Shannon was greatly appreciated for the teams that benefited this event.

Buffalo Fanatics Bring Unique Perspective

The Buffalo Bills fan base keeps on growing each year. In particular, The Buffalo Fanatics, a fan-run media group is the strongest and largest fan base community. For example, their Instagram account has 62.5k followers. They state in their social media bios that they are the largest Bills community on social media.  Buffalo Fanatics (formerly known as Bills Fanatics) was created in 2013 by Pierre Gabart, known as Kingpin, in the lead up to the NFL draft. Kingpin is his online persona nickname. This started off originally as a Facebook group. The aim was to gather like-minded Bills fans and them a platform to share their thoughts and opinions about their beloved team. Social media has played a crucial role for them, and keeps getting fans from other states and countries.

They are currently on almost all social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Discord, along with a podcast network that uploads on all the podcasting platforms. Their mission is to deliver striking, unfiltered and unapologetic Buffalo Bills content for fans.

Kingpin stated their goal.  “One reason for this media company, is not to regurgitate the same news. Buffalo Fanatics wants to be there for the fans. Their goal is to keep football fun and to bring a unique take to the wide agglomeration of Bills Media.”

Buffalo Fanatics recently held an event in September to engage with fans. This was during the home opener for the Buffalo Bills. It was called the Buffalo Fanatics Tailgate and consisted of food, meeting the BF team, games, music, and a good time. Over the summer, they had raffle a raffle for a BF swag bag which included a t-shirt, wristbands and lanyards. Also they had a raffle to win 2 tickets for the opener that day. The person who won, go to sit with the BF team.

One of the main purposes for this event, was to show love for all over their fans. People who follow BF are from many states and countries, not just from Buffalo. Some members of Buffalo Fanatics grew up in Buffalo. They are all die hard Bills fans.  BF wants to engage with their fans, and to spread their awareness.

The Scribe had the chance to speak with BF President, Pierre (Kingpin) Gabart.

The Scribe: How do you feel engaged with Bills fans for BF?

 Pierre Gabart: It’s probably the most enjoyable part of Buffalo Fanatics. Being able to interact with the fans, and build those relationships with Bills fans. That is probably the most part of Buffalo Fanatics takes pride in. This is not cookie cutter. It is brash and direct. No sugar coating, and that is why Bills fans enjoy BF. I personally enjoy the fan engagement, like interacting with their comments. Throwing jabs back and forth is what fans do, and that is pretty enjoyable.

TS: What is the importance of spreading BF content?

PKG: The one thing that I learned over the years, is that the many fans are from other states. Fans that don’t have a lot of avenues to gather information from social media. Not all the fans are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Being able to tap in all the markets to share content where the fans are at. Content is king. Spread the news as best as we know how, at the end of the day!

TS: How was meeting the fans at the BF Home Opener Tailgate?

PKG: That was absolutely awesome! We were able to talk to fans throughout the year. Being able to put a face to the name was pretty cool! We have debates with fans all the time. We know who we are talking to, and to put a face to them is really cool. Many fans showed up to take pictures as well. Being able to make it bigger and better for the years to come, is our goal.