Column: How Can Commuters Get More Involved on Campus?


by Danielle Tomaka

Photos by Jalen Arvin

As a student that commutes to Hilbert every day, I live a busy lifestyle. I work full time and I am a full time student. I only come on campus when I need to for my classes. It is difficult for someone like me, with a busy schedule, to attend campus events. I don’t often hear about them and I certainly don’t know where to look for them. This is my junior year here at Hilbert College and I would like to be more involved with our school, as I think it’s important to get people more engaged in the school events.

I have heard other students on campus complain about the lack of promotion for these campus events. So are they really being promoted well enough? I asked Student Government Association President, Angelica Reyna. She runs the show from behind the scenes for the campus events. Reyna said that there are a variety of places that students, especially commuters, can look to see what’s happening on campus. “Events are posted on Blackboard, the school website, the school calendar, and around campus,” Reyna said.


While Hilbert College has a student body of about 900 students, Reyna said that roughly 50 students attend  events on average. Does she thinks that these events are being promoted well enough?  “Yes, we try to promote them, but it takes initiation on them as well,” Reyna said.

Still, the SGA is constantly working on improving their outreach efforts, Reyna said. “If people don’t see events posted enough, they could tell us,” she added. Reyna also said that she has not heard from commuters complaining about the lack of promotion for campus events. “Nothing has been reported yet,” Reyna said. “I would like to hear from (commuters) if they have not seen promotion around campus. That would be lovely.”

Reyna said she has been trying her best to promote these campus events. Based on her responses it seems like she is trying to promote the events he best she can, and she is right- it does take initiation on the students to come to the events. So if you are like me and you would like to participate in the events, now you now know where to find them.


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