Hawk Wheels: Monte Carlo SS


Chevy has put out a lot of cars over the years. From 1969–1987, then 1994-2007 the story of the Chevy Monte Carlo is a vast one. This 2-door car has been iconic at the drag strip, tearing up tires with a V8 and is now a blast from the past. With 6 generations of this car, we will be looking into the very last years this car saw production.

At the beginning of the 2000’s, the Monte Carlo came out with a total redesign. Completely leaving behind the outdated 90’s look and becoming a great, sporty looking car. It was not just any sport car though. For a while this car was used  by NASCAR drivers. Even though this car was something every kid who wanted a fast car should start out with, that what it was in the end. GM soon saw a decline in sales of the car and in 2007, discontinued the model. The last one produced was sent off to GM’s Heritage Center collection. But with this, the Chevy Camaro saw a big comeback.

Ryan Zunner, a senior here at Hilbert College, has a 2006 Monte Carlo SS. He bought it a few years ago from a car dealer. He didn’t have a lot of money but wanted a sporty car nonetheless. The Monte Carlo wasn’t even his first choice. He was looking at a few Ford Mustangs but ultimately when it came down to it, went with the SS.

His car has a 5.3 LS 4 V8, leather seats, remote starter, sun roof, and a Triple Edge Performance Transmission. Ryan says he’d rather have a Corvette or a Challenger, but for now it’s “just a fun car to have.” On top of being fun, it’s also a smooth drive, handles well, and has lots of Horsepower. Ryan recommends if you’re looking into buying one for yourself, check out the transmission because chances are it’s probably not the original, and if it is the original, expect it to blow any minute because they don’t last long.

Ryan’s main regret with this car is his speeding ticket. With a fast car comes the high possibility that it’s going to get you pulled over. When he’s not tearing the streets though, Ryan is at the tracks racing it. His most memorable moment with it was when he took it racing the first time. “It’s a cool experience and was a good bonding moment with my dad.” So until next time readers.

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