Club Profile: Prism Warriors


by Mary Kate Wirfel

Prism Warriors, Hilbert College’s LGBT club, has been on the move this semester, mobilizing to advocate for equality and acceptance on campus. Prism Warriors is Hilbert College’s LGBT club. This club was, made to help raise awareness to the faculty and staff as well the Hilbert community about the LGBT community. All students are welcomed to join the club because everyone needs an ally.

The club, which was  originally named Spectrum was, has been working to make their presence known on campus through events and campaigns. They recently held a TKTK and plan to TKTK this semester.

“When the light hits the Prism true colors show, the rainbow shows,” Corey Boice, the cliub’s president, said in explained in explaining the name change. The warrior term comes from how everyone in the LGBT community has their own light, as well wanting to live out the warrior meaning, he added.

The club wants to encourage faculty and staff as well other students and the administration in general to come to their events. They would also like everyone’s support to be an ally to the club. They are working to educate people about the LGBT community and culture by putting out various events and handouts with information.

The club hopes to let incoming freshmen know that Hilbert College is a safe and welcoming place for them.  The club is working with the Pride Center of Western New York and wants to get the Hilbert and Hamburg community involved.

The events the club has put on so far was coming out day on October 11. The turnout for this event was more than expected. On October 18, the club decorated the campus with purple decorations for Spirit Day. In October the Third Thursday of the month is known as spirit day this is a day to raise awareness about LGBT bullying and suicide. Hawk radio even played songs by popular LGBT artist such as Sam Smith and Mary Lambert. You are, also asked to wear purple in support.

The Prism Warriors group has many of upcoming events they would like the Hilbert community to know more about on November 1st they will be hosting a movie event in Bogal 101. They will also be giving out pamphlets with information about the LGBT community to people who attend. On November 26, the club will be hosting an LGBT panel to raise awareness about the different groups throughout the community.  On November 28, the club will be hosting a Transformal with an Alice in wonderland theme titled “Alex in Wonderland.” There is more information to come regarding that event. November 28 is also AIDS awareness day and the club is planning to educate the Hilbert community about the AIDS epidemic

“all are welcome” Corey Boice told me “ you don’t have to be LGBT to be in the club we are here to advocate the LGBT community as well make LGBT students feel welcome and safe everyone is welcomed to be an ally.” If you are looking for a fun and educational club to join, I suggest you join prism worriers because everyone needs an ally.  The Prism Warriors is always welcome for new members.

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