Protect Your Paws

by Scott Peet


Winter is coming and it’s time to start thinking about protecting our smallest family members from the cold and snow. Humans may take our feet for granted from time to time, but our animals need to have special care taken to protect their paws from the weather and many deicers used on sidewalks. It is important to monitor the condition of their paw pads every time they go outside, and while many dogs are naturally protected from the cold with thick winter coats, not all breeds are quite so lucky. Here are a few helpful tips to keep your canine happy and healthy this season.

  1. Put your boots on – There are a variety of fashionable options to choose from at most pet stores and from online retailers. The first walking experience is often adorable.
  2. Trim your toes – Many breeds have extra fur between their toes which can trap ice and debris.
  3. Wash your feet- Even if your feet are clean do you like have cold wet feet all day? Use a warm washcloth or keep a small bath of water with a towel by the door.
  4. Protect with cream- You can find a number of DIY recipes for this or pick up a tin at your local pet store.
  5. Don’t forget your Jacket- While not all dogs require a coat its important to know your breed and monitor them during outside time this winter. Smaller breeds and those without significant undercoats could benefit greatly with extra protection.

For more useful tips and resources check out here 

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