Farewell Hilbert


by Mary Kate Wirfel

It is hard to believe that in a few weeks I will be saying goodbye to my home of six years. At the same time also not surprising that my time as an undergrad here at Hilbert College is ending. The time flew buy so fast what was supposed to be four long years turned into six fast ones.

I remember when I first came here in 2013 I was a scared shy freshmen that did not want to associate with anyone or anything. I wanted to be by myself and do my own thing. I was afraid that people would bully me for being myself considering high school was not a very fun experience for me. Being here at Hilbert changed that for me. Throughout the years, I became more social and joined more clubs and groups here on campus. I finally found people who accepted me for who I really was.

During my time, here at Hilbert College I was involved in many clubs on campus. First was Hilbert Horizons, the schools literary magazine, as I love creative writing, art and photography. For two years, I was in charge of being the layout editor. I put the magazine together with the help from the other members in the group and when the final product was, shown to the school, I felt very proud of what I had made and accomplished.

When I interned for Matt Height here at Hilbert College I was; introduced to so many events and clubs. Interning here at Hilbert was easier for me do to my struggles with anxiety. I felt at the time interning at a news station would be too overwhelming.  I got involved with the Campus activities board (CAB) as well as the Student Government Association (SGA). My job was to take photos and make photo galleries of the events that happened on campus. Photography is something I enjoy doing and I want the world to see my art form. By doing this internship for the Marketing department here at Hilbert not only did the school get to see my art, the community got to as well.

Being, silenced by people for speaking out and giving my opinions was something I have dealt with my entire life.  I wanted people to hear my voice so with that motive I joined Hawk Radio.  I was able to get my own radio show on Hilbert’s radio station; the show was; titled 10 at Noon. I would play 10 random songs then give my opinions on politics, news and sports. Some people didn’t agree with what I was saying but I really didn’t care. By being a part of Hawk radio, I finally had a voice. I even made up my own DJ name I called myself DJ MK7. I don’t know how I came up with the name it was just a thought.

Another way I could express my voice and give my opinions on things was by joining the college’s newspaper. What started out as the H-Files print paper turned into the Scribe Online. At first, the Horizons members ran the paper. Then when I first participated in the Journalism class with Professor Dan Higgins, he taught us by his experience how to become a better writer and a news reporter as well as using your voice. During my first time on the Hilbert Scribe, I broke out of my shy shell and went to events off campus. During 2016 the anticipated Presidential election campaigns was going on. I went to the Hillary Clinton Rally as well the Bernie Sanders rally. Both experiences helped me gain confidence to go places without worry. I decided to take more independent studies, with the Scribe because I wanted to continue to advance my writing skills and give my opinion so people can hear my voice and read the things that I believe in. I also wanted to continue to take photos of events at Hilbert so people can see my photography as well. By seeing, the events on Hilbert’s campus students know what the school has to offer.

My time here at Hilbert College may be ending but it is a new beginning and start for several students. As this chapter of my life closes, I have to say thank you to the College that shaped me into the person I am today. I was able to help organizations and not for profits such as Campus House and Sadie’s Safe Harbor. I was able to go places and see people who I never thought I would see. I was able to meet new people and make new friends. I was also able to meet several local news reporters and several other famous people that I never thought I would talk too. I am a different person now in 2018 than I was in 2013. All I have left to say is farewell Hilbert College. Thank You for the past six years.

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