Event: What Were You Wearing

DSCN2955by Danielle Tomaka

Hilbert College held an exhibit in mid-November called “What Were You Wearing?” in Swan Hall. There was clothing hung on the walls and short descriptions of what student survivors of sexual assault were wearing when they were victimized. There were adult and children victims, both male and female. It was shocking yet powerful to read some of the short stories that were displayed.

I asked Student Government Association President, Angelica Reyna why it was important for Hilbert College to hold the exhibit. “It is truly important to not only let that presumption be known here at Hilbert for the students, but also inform them that this actually happens and although they are survivors, their stories want to be told for a reason and for them to also be cautious of what’s actually going on in society,” Reyna said,

Hilbert College provides professional staff that specialize in sexual assault as well as counselors on campus that are available to students free of cost. Katie Martoche, Title IX Coordinator here at Hilbert College, specializes in maintaining the safety of students against assault or discrimination. It is important to inform everyone that if you are a victim, there is help available and you are not alone. If you or someone you know is victim of sexual assault, please seek help.

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