Good Eats: Chef’s


by Brandon Zicari

Towards the end of the semester my roommates and I have made it a tradition to go out to a higher quality restaurant and have dinner. It is at this dinner where we discuss upcoming finals, how the semester has gone, and the plans for future events. This year we chose to go to an Italian restaurant named Chefs, located on Seneca Street. in the city of Buffalo. They are known for their variety of pastas and overall great food. The restaurant is large with a very unique layout. When you walk in there is a huge window where you can see into the kitchen where a team of cooks are rapidly putting out food. We went on a Saturday night so the restaurant was very busy. We had reservations, so my roommates and I got a table right away.

Once we sat down the waiter was very welcoming and brought us out bread and water. The bread was freshly baked and was served with a homemade oil to dip it in. Having been to Chefs before I knew what I wanted to order. I got the spaghetti parm which in essence is a plate of spaghetti but with a lot of cheese melted on the top. The parmesan and mozzarella cheese is melted on top to create another layer which complements the taste of the spaghetti. On the side came two meatballs which were cooked perfectly. They came out very hot at first but once they cooled they were one of my favorite parts.

Overall the experience at Chefs was positive. Even though they were very busy the service didn’t falter. The ambience of the place created a great dining experience. This was the first time my roommates had been and they left very satisfied. I would recommend Chef’s to anyone who enjoys Italian food or just want a good meal.

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