Women’s Soccer: Senior Day


by Jamie Hehir

Hilbert’s womens soccer came together for Senior day to honor the six graduating seniors this past Saturday. Jordan Collins, Ashley Iwaneko, Aurora Klawinski, Lauren Lepovich, Morgan McNeill, and Calista Mis were all celebrated before the kick off of the game against La Roche. Each player playing a vital role to Hilbert’s team.

Despite the Hawks efforts the women’s soccer team fell short in a 1-0 loss against La Roche this past Saturday. Starting Goalkeeper Brianna Stegmeier made 5 saves in the first half to keep Hilbert in the game and made 13 more saves following into the second half to make a combined 18 saves for the Hawks as well as adding to her new personal record.

Senior Lauren Lepovich was able to make two shots out of her three on goal to help Hilberts effort to stay in the game and continue to be offensive.

As the game carried on La Roche had the upper hand in the second half as their first and final goal was made in the 46:08 mark ending the Hawks run to their first victory.

A few tweaks to help the Hawks with their gameplay was wished for by senior Jordan Collins. “I think [the game] didn’t go as planned, wished we would have kept caring in practices as much as we did in games,” Collins said As for the warm-ups, “I would change the warm ups, we didn’t take them seriously which did not help our game play.”

The Hawks next game will be the pink out the field game on October 17th in support for breast cancer awareness month.

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