Q&A: Logan Yotter

By Adam Connelly

Senior Logan Yotter has seen first hand how service learning can enhance a student’s collegiate experience. He is involved with Kaely’s Kindness, an organization in Buffalo that helps out with teen girls’ that have cancer. Logan, who will be graduating in Spring 2020, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is involved with various events on campus, including Student Athletics Advisors Committee and men’s cross country, continues to stay involved with the organization. He is planning on being a The Scribe sat down with him to talk about Kaely’s Kindness and service learning.

The Scribe: How did you get involved with Kaely’s Kindness?

 Logan Yotter: About freshman year I was in a biology class and for one of the extra credit projects was to do service learning projects. If we did that we can get half of our credit through that. You know I wanted to try something new being a freshman here, so one of the options listed was to do something large like a 5k. I was like okay, you know I’m a runner so I decided to go through that and then that’s how I basically got it all started.

TS: What is the purpose of Kaely’s Kindness?

 LY: The main purpose why I started, like I said, was for the extra credit. But then I got more into this I found out like what the foundation was about helping teen girls with cancer.  I started working with people that created 5k’s and raising a lot of awareness and money for the foundation.

TS: How many years have you been helping out for?

 LY: Well it’s in my Senior year right now so three years total, but I actually am passing it off to the foundation this year. So I’ll keep working with them, but I also be helping out.

TS: How do you feel accomplished in helping outside the community?

 LY: You know it’s quite a big responsibility, and I really didn’t think much of it from the start. Looking back on it, you see the community impact all the way around raising almost $7,000 that can go a long way.

Kaely’s Kindness has not set a date for this year’s 5k race. Check their website for updates on the race and other fundraising events.

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