Q&A: Kim Buck

by Zach Jezioro

Kim Buck has seen a lot in her three decades as a court stenographer. The Scribe sat down with Buck to talk about what it takes to become a stenographer and some of the craziest things she’s seen in a court room.

TS: How did you get into being a court stenographer?

KB:  I saw it on TV when I was younger and thought it would be a really cool thing to do, that’s what got me interested getting into the position.

TS: What’s the most interesting case you have ever been a part of?

KB: Muzzammil Hassan, who murdered his wife by beheading her. It was noteworthy because it was in the news and people heard about it. I got to learn what his life was about and there were previous incidents that led up to it, it was a high profile case in the area.

TS:  How long have you been a court stenographer?

KB: Since 1990. I was with freelance for 11 years doing deposition work with the state for 18 years, mostly in the criminal part. I am currently training to transition into a supervisor position.

TS: How much time do you need to prepare for an upcoming case?

KB: Hard to say because I never know what’s going to happen.

TS: How long are you usually at a case?

KB: Depends on what is going on. I usually start at 9:30 am, a normal trial is 7 hours. Other days two or three hours, depending on what kind of proceeding it is.

TS: What are some challenges of being a court stenographer?

KB: Keeping control of the courtroom. People get nervous being there, so they start talking fast. Also, it’s not fun reading back in front of a jury.

TS: What is your favorite thing about being a court stenographer?

KB: I never know what’s going to happen. Everyday is a different case and it makes in interesting because you just never know what kind of case you’re going to get.

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