Pre-med Program Offers Students More Options

A  cafe and arcade room aren’t the only changes Hilbert College students are seeing this semester.

Now students who are interested in studying medicine, pharmaceuticals, DNA analysis and laboratory sciences can begin their path at the college. The school’s new Laboratory Sciences program will help students begin their journey to further education and career opportunities in medicine. Over this past summer the school completed construction of a new and modern science lab, making it possible for students to begin enrolling in this fall semester.

“Hilbert’s new science degree is a four-year program that provides students with a solid foundation of knowledge in the natural/physical sciences,” according to the Forensic Science and Laboratory Sciences page on Hilbert’s official website.

Habibul Bakht, assistant professor of Biology at Hilbert, said the new program is likely to attract new students to the school.

The program will prepare students for further education by offering them the required classes to get into a medical program, nursing program or any other professional program. Students will get everything they need to qualify for exams to get into professional programs from Hilbert, including recommendations needed from our faculty as well as from the coordinator, Bakht said.

“I’m very optimistic because for the first year we were only expecting ten students,” Bakht said. “Now we currently have sixteen students enrolled in the program. We see there is so much interest. So we are expecting in future there will be more.”

Kristina Lantzky, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, said students who are currently attending Hilbert College and want to go into one of these professional programs can benefit from this addition as well.

“If you love Hilbert, you don’t have to leave now because you can do all of your prerequisite work here and then transfer to another institution or stay for a four year degree,” Lantzky said.

Hilbert’s new science program will compare to that of other institutions, she added.

“We’re going to grow our science programming to reflect the strength of our law and justice programming,” Lantzky said. “That’ll be very different than other institutions. Other institutions may have a stand-alone biology program but we hope to be able to use the science programming to work with other areas and get creative in what we build as programming.”

Hopes are high for Hilbert College and their new program.

“Over the next five years Hilbert has set out an aggressive enrollment plan in terms of our Hilbert 2025,” said Lantzky. “What we’re looking to do is to grow enrollment from where we’re at now at about eight hundred students to hopefully over one thousand.”

Students interested in majoring in a pre-professional program at Hilbert can start by speaking to either Katelyn Letizia, the Registrar, or Damian Desbordes, the Coordinator for Academic Advisement and Pre Professional Program Advisor.

“When you look at pre-professional programs the idea of them are to prepare you for that next step,” said Desbordes. “So any one of the students who would decide to go into one of these tracks would have their advisor as me or Katelyn.”

Lantzky encourages students interested in a pre-professional program to consider Hilbert College.

While you’re taking advantage of all the other new and exciting things Hilbert is offering this semester, take some time to consider if the new Laboratory Sciences and pre-professional program is something you would like to take advantage of as well, Lantzky said.

“Whoever wants to go to med school, we will advise you through the process,” Lantzky said. “We don’t set a limit. I know that there are currently students here that are interested and so if they are interested they should go to our website and find out where they can head to get information.”

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