Senior Martineau Prepares for Final Season

Since the age of four Hunter Martineau has been running up and down the courts shooting hoops and playing basketball. This passion is what brought Hunter to Hilbert College and a decorated career at the school, a chapter of his life that is coming to a close.

Martineau was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania before moving to Orlando, Florida at the age of 12. He has always been   other sports including soccer, football, tee-ball  Hunter attended

“I’m from Erie, Pennsylvania which is only an hour away where my grandparents still live and I am able to visit them on the weekends plus it’s a second home to me,” Martineau said.

Since Hunter’s freshmen year he has received numerous awards throughout his journey which include AMCC Newcomer of the Year Award, Hilbert’s athlete of the year (2017 & 2018), appeared 3 times in Division III national stats, earned the Most Valuable Player Award (2018), and much more.

“I plan to stay around sports in general, whether it be an athletic director, coaching, Martineau said. “I’ve had some interest in playing overseas in Spain but I’m not exactly the traveling type, even though I go to college 13 states away, but I still do have interest in being an athletic director or coach after college.”

Hunter’s journey since the age of 4 has driven him into a legacy left behind at both Timber Creek High School as well as Hilbert College. With plans to finish his final season strong with multiple accomplishments under his belt, there are high speculations for Hunter to find his future career path that will revolve around basketball. “My passion for basketball could not have happened without the love and support of my friends and family. It’s about staying committed and enjoying the things that you love which was basketball for me” said Martineau.

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