Review: iPhone 11

The highly-anticipated iPhone 11 Pro is billed as one of the best smart phones on the market. But what makes this iPhone any different from the iPhone 10? The Scribe visited the Apple store in the Walden Galleria Mall to ask an apple advisor why this version of the popular phone stands out.

The Scribe: What made Apple Decide on three cameras Instead of one?

Matthew: Now obviously I can’t speak on everything because I am not one of the engineers. By having the constant drive to want to offer more while some how fitting a camera in this same physical size phone. I would assume that every year Apple goes over what products they have, while going over the data they have of what people like to do with their products ergo the iPhone 11. Then Apple saw that the biggest thing that people like to do is take pictures with their iPhone’s, with the whole market-wide push for better camera’s, better photography. I think that Apple decided that this is what we would like to tackle especially with the technology at their disposal they threw on a third camera lens on a new iPhone and all the functionality people would gain with having that ultrawide lens. Whether it be with night mode, fusion core photography photos, which enhances the experience of taking a photo and can only be used with A13 Bionic processor which the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, only has. Then by giving the iPhone a longer battery life with being water resistance on top of a better camera the iPhone can now take pictures in such great detail and in places they could of never before taken.

TS: The A13 Bionic Chip is said to be the faster chip which is in the iPhone 11 compared to the A12 Bionic Chip that is in the iPhone 10. How much faster is the A13 Bionic Chip A12 Bionic Chip?

Matthew: The A12 Bionic Chip is 20% faster and consumes 15% less battery Power. While the A13 Bionic Chip is 20% faster and consumes 40% less battery Power.

TS: What are the top features of the iPhone 11?

Matthew. A new dual‑camera system that captures more of everything. The fastest 13A Bionic Chip ever in a smartphone. Longer battery life lets you do much more with less time to charge. It has the highest‑quality video in a smartphone, so your memories look better than they ever did before with more detail.

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