Q&A: Mike Cheasty

This summer, the filming of A Quiet Place 2 took place in Akron, New York, a town with a population of less than 3,000. The filming stirred up quite a bit of talk throughout the peaceful, quiet village, a place that doesn’t often see much attention from the outside world. The Scribe spoke with Mike Cheasty, the proprietor of Freeman’s Sport Shop, on Main Street in Akron, a business right in the heart of the action a few months ago.

The Scribe: How did the filming seem to affect the town of Akron in General?

Mike Cheasty: The filming was actually very good for the town. It brought in a lot of money, publicity and business that everybody in the area seemed to benefit from.

TS: How did the filming of the movie affect your store specifically?

MC: Actually, my store was closed up throughout the filming, so I had no business. The film crew approached me when they were starting production and told me I could either operate my store through the back door during the week, or I could be paid to take a vacation until they were finished. I chose the second option, and they had me name my price.

TS: What did the film crew do to prepare you and other businesses for the filming?

MC: They sent people around to all of the businesses and asked us not to let anybody come in and out of the front of the store. Instead they would have to stay off of Main Street and use the alleyways to get around.

TS: Did the filming negatively affect you or your business in any way?

MC: Not at all. I got to take a paid vacation.

TS: Had you ever heard of the studio or the movie A Quiet Place and its sequel prior to their decision to film in Akron?

MC: No, never. I’m more partial to classic westerns than these new horror movies.

TS: Is there anything else you would like to add about the experience?

MC: It was really cool to see the whole town painted. They did a really good job, and Main street looks really nice.


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