Hilbert Holds Wellness Fair

Hilbert College holds held it’s annual Wellness Fair last month, an event aimed at helping students maintain good health and well being throughout the stresses of the semester.

A variety of vendors that specialize in financial, medical and mental health information set up shop in Franciscan Hall in an effort to help students and staff members achieve health and wellness in their academic or home lives.

Barbara DeLaRosa, the administrative assistant to Dean of Students Greg Roberts, was one of the organizers of the event. She said the gathering, now in its 11th year, is meant to help the campus community get through the semester happy and healthy

“The Wellness Fair is held every year for students, faculty and staff to come a get information about any type of wellness such as financial, medical, and mental health,” DeLarosa said. “It’s such a good way to obtain such valuable information.”

Dietra Steed is a marketing specialist for Best Self Behavioral Health, a mental health and substance abuse clinic that provides many services for people of all ages. She said her company values coming to the health fair because it helps them get in from of people who might need their services, but don’t know where to turn.

“Best Self is an organization that provides services to those how have mental or substance abuse disorders, including people of all ages, and in different stages in their recovery,” Dietra said.

Sade Garcia, a Hilbert Campus advocate whose main goal is to help Student that have suffered from sexual assault or domesticated violence, said she hoped the fair would help raise awareness about her presence and the services she offers to the campus community.

We are trying to eliminate the stigma pertaining to suicide prevention, domestic violence, daily violence, and sexual assault, Garcia said. “How this is done is by outreaching to students and making them aware of the resources that are available to them. I find it helpful to the student for me to start the conversation regarding their problem that is being addressed so the student may feel comfortable talking about the problem at hand.”

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