International Athletes Bring Their Game to Hilbert

Being a college athlete is almost every high school athlete’s dream, including those who grow up outside of the United States.

According to over 20,000 international students are enrolled and competing at the NCAA level.

International student-athletes bring much more than talent to intercollegiate athletics such as different bonds, friendships, and great opportunities.

Connor Buziol, a freshman basketball player from British Columbia, Canada, said he wanted to play collegiate athletics in America to meet new people and have new experiences.

“I wanted to branch away from where I grew up my whole life,” Buziol said.

Brandon Job, a junior baseball player from Ontario, Canada, came to Hilbert after playing his first two years at Erie Community College.

“I chose Hilbert because it was a nice and small, enjoyable environment,” Job.

Jessie Price, a freshman basketball player from Brisbane, Australia, came to Hilbert for basketball and new opportunities.

”I thought Hilbert was actually closer to New York city,” Price .

When we talked to each athlete the second question we asked them was what major was.

Brandon Job,  is an English major, who is currently 1 full year away and looks to continue his education here at Hilbert and play baseball.

”I look forward to finishing my degree here at Hilbert but planing to move back to Canada after school, ” Job.

Connor Buziol is a business management major he currently is a freshman so he still needs 4 years before he gets his bachelor’s degree.

”I plan on staying in the united states after I graduated, I want more experiences, and a new place to start my life, ” Buziol.

Jessie Price, is a business law major in his first semester of college.

”I plan on staying in the United States after I graduate because there is better opportunities, jobs, plus I have family and friends here, ” Price.

All 3 athletes came for different places around for two reasons. The first one being to play their sport at a college level. But the most important reason is schooling being able to graduate with a college degree when their time is up at Hilbert.

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