New Apartment Going Up at Immaculata Site

Immaculta Academy, directly next door to Hilbert Colleges, is under renovations to become a large apartment complex called The Oaks.

RANE Property Management purchased the 27-acre plot of land to turn the former academy into a residential apartment complex. RANE Development received $1.85 million in property tax breaks and is in the process of starting the $26.7 million project which is projected to create 171 temporary construction jobs and seven full-time jobs, according to the Buffalo News;

As for the Immaculate Academy building itself, RANE Property Management decided to keep the structure. The gymnasium and the auditorium currently will be fully renovated into a clubhouse community center to allow for the pool, fitness center, and an updated gymnasium center inside.

As for Hilbert College itself and according to on market rated apartments, this will be an eye-opening sight for future potential students seeking next door apartments close to campus which will hopefully allow for a greater growth of student enrollment at Hilbert College. The expected completion date for The Oaks is before the end of next year, Catia said.

“We plan to begin moving people in before the holidays of 2020,” he said.

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