Students Take Part in Welcome Week Fun

The new semester will bring about new classes, new friends, reunions and a welcome week full of activities that will help promote all three.

Each semester there are many events to give students fun things to do inbetween classes and while taking breaks from work. This welcome week continues to remain different as COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, resulting in most events being held virtually or with changes to encourage social distancing. Regardless of the changes, these are opportunities that students are encouraged to attend as they can lead to new friendships and an opportunity to escape the difficulties of this challenging time.

Daniel Heims, Director of Student Activities, said that there are a wide range of activities and events that are designed to welcome students back and make them feel comfortable while beginning another semester amidst the pandemic.

“Welcome Week is an opportunity for students to get involved in events on campus while having fun with their friends,” he said. “Student Activities and the Campus Activity Board are excited to bring these activities to our students and look forward to seeing them at the events.”

After the virtual escape room event Wednesday night, sophomore Lynn Adams-Gilden said that she enjoyed the event virtually, as it allowed her to attend while still being at home with her kids.

“I mean it’s more relaxed, but it’s more challenging,” Adams-Gilsten said. “You’re not in person with the things in your hand that you need to do it.”

A virtual paint night will be offered Friday starting at 8:00 p.m. Students will need to sign up in advance on Purple Briefcase. After initial registration is completed, students will receive follow up information on how to pick up their brushes and other supplies for the event.

“We will have fun painting a sea star with a beach and sand,” Heims said.

Dean of Students Gregory Roberts and Barb DeLarosa from the Student Life office hand out Wolf of Gubbio kits

Events from earlier in the week included free donut holes and hot cocoa and an opportunity to assemble Wolf of Gubbio stuffed animals.

With the vaccine rollout occurring, students are eager to see if more events for the rest of the semester may be in person instead of virtual.

“I think it’s going to be a mix. We are doing our best to follow restrictions from NYS,” Heims said. “Expect to see a combo of smaller in person to virtual events from not only Student Activities, but also Service Learning.”

Heims said that if students have ideas for future events, they should contact Student Activities.

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