Residence Life Welcomes Students Back

Resident Assistant Bailey Walter hosted an outdoor event for resident students on campus earlier this month, part of a push from the Residence Life office to help students get comfortable on campus.

“My goal for this event was to kick off the new school year by bringing everyone back together,” Walter said.

The event took place in the Residence Quad where a variety of yard games and activities were available for the students. Corn hole, Kan-jam, and volleyball were some of the main activities.

Tyshawn Jones, a student who attended the event, said he couldn’t stay for long, but playing games and seeing people back together on campus was very enjoyable.

“This event felt like a breath of fresh air,” Jones said. “It felt good to see our Hilbert community coming together and having fun. After the last year, it was a reminder that things will eventually get back to normal and I’m looking forward to things on campus.”

There are many events planned for this upcoming semester and students are encouraged to check Hilbert’s social media accounts to stay in the loop.

“Residents should look forward to a lot of fun memory-making programs this semester,” Walter said.

Student Activities is always encouraging students to bring new ideas to the table on what they’d like to see on campus.

“I would also recommend getting involved with Student Government Association so if there is anything you’d like to see on campus, you can voice the ideas,” Walter said.

Campus Activity Board Helps Students Stay Active

Hilbert students looking for something to do have a centralized resource they can use, the Campus Activity Board.  Located throughout Hilbert College’s campus, be sure to check with them to keep updated on current and upcoming events. 

The campus activities board at Hilbert College is a great way to get involved with student activities.  The campus activities board, CAB, helps with the student activities to organize and advertise events.  The Hilbert College community is always welcome to attend the events. 

“I always attended the school events with friends, and I really enjoyed them, I thought it would be cool to organize and advertise the events,” said junior Jackie Pope. 

CAB is a social club at Hilbert College which is open to all Hilbert Students.  CAB coordinates the marketing and production of many events.  Some of the past events that CAB put together in the past were comedians, casino night, bingo, balloon artists, holiday events, and more. 

There has also been many on-campus arts and crafts and off-campus trips.  Some of the on-campus arts and crafts include stuffing a hawk, Halloween skull making, painting, and more!  Some off-campus trips include the haunted houses, Holiday Valley, and Lasertron.  Often, they will have desserts and refreshments throughout the campus.  Every year the club will have events for commuter appreciation week, midterm week, finals week, giving day, and campus move in week. 

Flyers are posted throughout the campus to advertise the events.  Club members also advertise on various social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  For on-campus events anyone is welcome to attend. With off-campus events, students must sign up on Hilbert College purple briefcase.  CAB is always open for new event ideas.  CAB is a great way to hangout and have a great time with your friends. 

Students gain valuable leadership experience through the planning and implementation of all events.  “I joined CAB to get involved with student activities,” said Pope.   Anyone looking to go into the marketing/advertising field should consider joining the campus activities board.  You can contact the club leader Jessica Todd who is the director of student activities. 

Hilbert Celebrates Giving Day

Hilbert College is holding its annual Giving Day, with events and promotions around campus to encourage donations from students, staff, faculty and outside donors.

Hilbert offices will spend the day promoting giving through various social media platforms and asking friends and family to help the college reach its fundraising goals.

Kathleen Christy, the college’s vice president of institutional advancement, said the school has set a goal of 100 percent participation from faculty and staff and is hoping to raise more than last year’s record setting total of more than $50,000.

“People should feel compelled to donate today to show their support for our Hilbert students, the recipients of the funding and support generated during this great event,” she said.

Christy said that all funds raised will go toward helping students fulfill the school’s mission.

“True to our Franciscan Mission, which is to serve those in need, raising necessary funds to support our students is essential and fulfills our purpose to educate our students to become informed citizens committed to serving and strengthening their communities,” Christy said.

Hilbert Community members can visit West Herr Atrium, where HAWK Radio has set up a table and a poster has been laid out for the class 2021, faculty and staff to sign.

Those interested in giving can donate here:

Hilbert Hosts Diversity Event

Hilbert’s Committee for Diversity and Inclusion hosted their final event for the semester on April 7th, with the topic being, “Approaching Service to Others with a Mindset of Cultural Humility & Intersectionality”.

“There’s nothing that we can do that will let us know everything about a specific community,” said Sierra Johnston, speaker of the discussion.

From the beginning of time, to what are headlines in the news today, there are many problems surrounding diversity and acceptance of others. With service-learning classes a requirement for all majors and many opportunities available for students to speak up and learn about these notions, this concluding event was one of the numerous ways that a Hawk learned about the vast diversity around them.

“It helps us appreciate different cultures and identities,” said Rachel Wozniak, Director of Service Learning & Community Engagement.

Johnston, who works as a volunteer coordinator at Jewish Family Service of Buffalo & Erie county, said that majority of the beliefs we hold which target a specific group of people are most often passed down to us in a family manner.

“As we enter roles in the community, sometimes there’s a power imbalance,” said Johnston.

With internships and community service playing a pivotal role in students’ lives, the discussion strived to focus on how we look at others around us which are culturally opposite of ourselves. Johnston got students pondering about various biases which are witnessed daily, in effort to show much they affect our daily lives. Some stated were, jobs that only a certain race hold, those that go shopping who are monitored because of their race, and the holidays celebrated in the mainstream media which observe only a small portion of certain races.

Being able to own our privileges and forget about what affects our negative beliefs surrounding a certain group are some of the many ways that can help ensure we are doing everything possible to become more accepting of everyone. This series of events were put in place to give students the ability to become aware of what they can do to become more accepting of others around them while receiving their Hilbert education.

“It was really designed to be a month-long program in February, in recognition of Black History Month and in honor of Martin Luther King Junior,” said Wozniak. “When the calendar turns, the need doesn’t stop for this type of education and that is why we continued it throughout this semester.”

This event comes at a prominent time as Hilbert just hired a new director of diversity, equity, and inclusion. President Brophy, announced the appointment of Diedre D. DeBose, who will begin her appointment on April 26th.

HAWK Radio Welcomes New Shows

Hilbert College students involved in the campus radio station program, HAWK Radio, will continue to produce shows coming to you live from Franciscan Hall this spring semester.  The club features students that have an interest working in radio.  HAWK radio features genres from modern music to rock music to hip hop music.

HAWK Radio will welcome back all their shows from the previous semesters plus a new show this semester.  Digital media and communication students Adam Connelly and Andrew Wozniak continue to bring you all your weekly sports information and updates on Double-A Sports Talk at 2pm on Tuesdays. 

“We wanted to do a sports show because we both like sports.  Don said that it would be great to get sports content like MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA on HAWK Radio,” said senior Adam Connelly. 

Sonja Lee continues to bring everyone inspiring views on life with her show Eternity Matters at 2pm on Mondays.   The 70’s funk and alternative music carries on with Morgan Rush’s Underground Rush show on Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m.  HAWK Radio News anchor Ryan Zunner continues to bring us all your local and nationwide news on Thursdays at 11:30 a.m.  Freeland votes takes place on Thursdays at 11 a.m. with Andrew Snavely and Hawk Rock Block takes place on Thursdays at 12 p.m. with Elliot Klein.

 Hawk Pop Hits with juniors Kaitlyn Barone and Tori Kurdziel will be a new show this semester.  Featuring all your favorite pop music from the early 2000s.  You can tune in to their station on Thursdays at 1p.m.   

“I joined HAWK radio to have a good time with my friends,” Junior Tori Kurdziel said.

Hilbert College alumni Zach Jezioro said HAWK radio helped him get experience being on the radio in a low-pressure situation.

“The best part was probably just being in the studio,” Jezioro said…  “I did the sports report so just talking about the biggest topics in sports was fun.  I love sports and it’s my passion!” 

If you are interested in joining HAWK Radio you can contact digital media professor Don Vincent, the club is open to all students.  You can follow HAWK Radio on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat.  For more information you can visit the website.  You can listen to the HAWK Radio music player at http:///  New shows are always welcomed! 

Editor’s note: Author, Kaitlyn Barone, has a show called Hawk Pop Hits

Bridging the Gap: Mental Health and Sport Psychology Best Practices for College Student-Athletes

Dr. Chris Siuta here at Hilbert College held a seminar last month explaining the types of mental health disorders, and methods to help students on campus that are struggling with their mental health.

Suita, Hilbert’s director of counseling, health and wellness, said athletes in particular can be under a lot of stress when it comes to playing their sport, getting homework done, and still maintaining a social life. Mental health is a major part of student athletes and includes mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, body dysmorphic, and many more.

 “Having the wellness center engaged with the student population, and that they know we are active and constantly looking for ways to help and guide throughout the semester and continue to embrace and reach the masses as much as possible because days and weeks go by quickly and you tend to forget that you’re off the radar,” said Siuta.

Siuta focused his presentation on consulting in sport psychology with many different disorders that individuals may run into. He stressed that attention and concentration and how these types of trainings and routines can help with your needs. Goal setting, confidence, motivation, and visual-motor behavior were all mentioned in regards to improving mental health as well.

Covid-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon, and changes to individuals’ everyday lives can be destructive to mental health. Not being able to socialize and live our normal lives is frustrating and mentally draining at times.

With some classes being hybrid, students tend to get in a rut. But, the Health and Wellness Center at Hilbert College is there for every student who just wants to talk Siuta said.

 “Even with just one meeting I can give a boatload of strategies to take with you to hopefully bridge the gap of whatever is occurring in your life… my services here on campus are private and confidential,” he added.

The Health and Wellness Center is always encouraging students on campus to come and talk even if it is just one time if they need someone to vent to. You can reach out to Dr. Chris Siuta by email; and make an appointment to meet up and talk.

Hilbert Program to Provide Financial Support for Students

Applications are now open for the Student Emergency Relief Fund which is offering support for students who are facing financial barriers.

The fund, which is supported by the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, will assist students with a helping hand toward necessities that impact their ability to learn. This was created despite COVID hardships and is open to any Hilbert student that is looking for help with non-educated related expenses.

Jeff Papia, Vice President of Mission Integration & Campus Ministry, said that there are students that struggle being able to afford necessities that are essential toward becoming victorious scholars.

“We’re trying to assist students with food, transportation, utilities, rent or any other need that may crop up that prevents their ability to be successful here at Hilbert,” Papia said.

Students being able to receive support now is greatly important as there are many barriers that hold them back from being able to reach their full potential. This fund is unique as those that are awarded this money can use it toward weakening their financial strife.

“The emergency fund was established to assist students with things that are not related to tuition or books,” Papia said.

 Being able to get ahead on next month’s rent or not worry about bus fees can help students remain focused on their education goals.

“What we know here at Hilbert is that very often what prevents a student from being successful in the classroom often has nothing to do with the classroom. It is issues at home related to transportation, financial pressures related to rent or cost of living, childcare, those things that are sort of outside of the classroom that have a significant impact on life inside the classroom,” said Papia.

Just like many other funds, this one has a certain amount to distribute to applicants who are looking to receive help.

“There is a finite amount within the fund and for that reason we try to maximize our ability to support students by establishing a certain criteria and process to distribute the funds in the most equitable and diverse way possible,” Papia said.

Hilbert applied for this grant before the pandemic struck a year ago, only to realize how important it is now that applications are open. “The pandemic has only made so many of these emergencies more prominent and dire. It is being offered regardless of COVID-19, but because COVID is here it only makes it more necessary,” said Papia.