Hilbert Kicks Off Unity Within Our Community Month

In an effort to promote unity Hilbert College launched the monthlong Unity Within Our Community drive earlier this week.

The campaign is aimed at providing students service opportunities while also promoting discussions around social and racial justice. Covid protocols will make for things a little different this year, but the college has daily events, programs and information sharing opportunities, with many of them being conducted over Zoom or through other digital means.

Rachel Wozniak, Hilbert’s director of service learning and community engagement, said her office is hoping to provide learning opportunities for students through service, while also fostering conversations around some of the big issues being discussed, particularly how the school community can apply Franciscan values to try to help solve problems.

“Since the pandemic began, our nation has witnessed its disproportionate and overwhelming effects felt by our communities of color,” Wozniak said. “The underlying inequities that are present in our communities became clearer than ever. As a Franciscan college, we must continue to educate, inform, and take the necessary steps to eliminate systemic racism and oppression.”

The events this week include a Stand Up to Bias information session Thursday beginning at 11:30 a.m. via Zoom. Students can learn about ways to stand up to discrimination within the Hilbert community. Sign up through Purple Briefcase.

Wozniak said the programs are designed to help students and community members recognize issues of racial inequity, understand the value of diversity and connect to God’s call for justice in the world.

“To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,'” Wozniak said. “As a Catholic, Franciscan institution, lets us learn from the lessons 2020 has taught us and continue to commemorate Dr. King’s legacy as we move forward in creating a more just community, devoted to compassion, empathy and dignity for all.”

Students can find schedules for programming on signage throughout campus, the can reach Wozniak at rwozniak@hilbert.edu or they can reach out to the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership.

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