Bridging the Gap: Mental Health and Sport Psychology Best Practices for College Student-Athletes

Dr. Chris Siuta here at Hilbert College held a seminar last month explaining the types of mental health disorders, and methods to help students on campus that are struggling with their mental health.

Suita, Hilbert’s director of counseling, health and wellness, said athletes in particular can be under a lot of stress when it comes to playing their sport, getting homework done, and still maintaining a social life. Mental health is a major part of student athletes and includes mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, body dysmorphic, and many more.

 “Having the wellness center engaged with the student population, and that they know we are active and constantly looking for ways to help and guide throughout the semester and continue to embrace and reach the masses as much as possible because days and weeks go by quickly and you tend to forget that you’re off the radar,” said Siuta.

Siuta focused his presentation on consulting in sport psychology with many different disorders that individuals may run into. He stressed that attention and concentration and how these types of trainings and routines can help with your needs. Goal setting, confidence, motivation, and visual-motor behavior were all mentioned in regards to improving mental health as well.

Covid-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon, and changes to individuals’ everyday lives can be destructive to mental health. Not being able to socialize and live our normal lives is frustrating and mentally draining at times.

With some classes being hybrid, students tend to get in a rut. But, the Health and Wellness Center at Hilbert College is there for every student who just wants to talk Siuta said.

 “Even with just one meeting I can give a boatload of strategies to take with you to hopefully bridge the gap of whatever is occurring in your life… my services here on campus are private and confidential,” he added.

The Health and Wellness Center is always encouraging students on campus to come and talk even if it is just one time if they need someone to vent to. You can reach out to Dr. Chris Siuta by email; and make an appointment to meet up and talk.

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