Hilbert Starz Keep Spirits Up through Difficult Year

This school semester has been hard on many students with remote classes and sports. The Hilbert Starz are no exception.

The cheerleading team, like nearly every other part of campus life, has been affected by covid. They can’t compete. They are not at Hilbert sports events as they normally would be. And they can’t hold their typical spirit-promoting events.

But that hasn’t stopped them from spreading school spirit. This year they are working with Hilbert Spirit Squad to support athletic programs and provide encouragement.

Colleen Kumiega, the club’s faculty advisor, said that the team has put competition on hold with cheering at games or no competition in the area. But since the club is both a Student Government Association member and works with athletics they still have club obligations to service and fundraising.

“We did host a few Zooms to think of some fundraising ideas over the two semesters,” Kumeiga said.

Kat Pappas joined the Starz when she was a freshman. Because of Covid, she couldn’t do anything with the group her sophomore year.

“We might start some warm ups next year,” Pappas said.

Kumeiga said that the goal for startup is to have the girls do several pre made workout videos on their own for conditioning due to the gym and weight room not being offered to cheerleaders from lack of time availability. 

“We will use zoom as an extra practice for those who may need to catch up on sidelines and the dance routine,” Kumeiga said.

Kumeiga said that masking will also present a challenge. However, she believes the team will be able to figure out a way to adapt, perhaps take more breaks than they usually would.

“Honestly most of the girls have been to their own gym working out and are used to the mask,” she said. “But it’s not the easiest.”

Kat says that her favorite part of the Starz is how they can easily work together and try and improve our different stunting and if someone is struggling, we try and boost them up and say they can do it and we just keep trying.     

Kumeiga said the group has not had new members join since the beginning of the pandemic because theydid not hold tryouts in fall of 2020. But the team is hoping more members will join as things get closer to normal.

“We will still follow a team plan to practice and be ready for when events take place such as games or competition,” Kumeiga said. 

“We Bleed Hilbert Blue,” she said. “This is a team of true spirit and hard work but lots of team building and friendship making in the process.”

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