Campus Activity Board Helps Students Stay Active

Hilbert students looking for something to do have a centralized resource they can use, the Campus Activity Board.  Located throughout Hilbert College’s campus, be sure to check with them to keep updated on current and upcoming events. 

The campus activities board at Hilbert College is a great way to get involved with student activities.  The campus activities board, CAB, helps with the student activities to organize and advertise events.  The Hilbert College community is always welcome to attend the events. 

“I always attended the school events with friends, and I really enjoyed them, I thought it would be cool to organize and advertise the events,” said junior Jackie Pope. 

CAB is a social club at Hilbert College which is open to all Hilbert Students.  CAB coordinates the marketing and production of many events.  Some of the past events that CAB put together in the past were comedians, casino night, bingo, balloon artists, holiday events, and more. 

There has also been many on-campus arts and crafts and off-campus trips.  Some of the on-campus arts and crafts include stuffing a hawk, Halloween skull making, painting, and more!  Some off-campus trips include the haunted houses, Holiday Valley, and Lasertron.  Often, they will have desserts and refreshments throughout the campus.  Every year the club will have events for commuter appreciation week, midterm week, finals week, giving day, and campus move in week. 

Flyers are posted throughout the campus to advertise the events.  Club members also advertise on various social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  For on-campus events anyone is welcome to attend. With off-campus events, students must sign up on Hilbert College purple briefcase.  CAB is always open for new event ideas.  CAB is a great way to hangout and have a great time with your friends. 

Students gain valuable leadership experience through the planning and implementation of all events.  “I joined CAB to get involved with student activities,” said Pope.   Anyone looking to go into the marketing/advertising field should consider joining the campus activities board.  You can contact the club leader Jessica Todd who is the director of student activities. 

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