Email Outage During End-of-Semester Crunch

Many Hilbert students have been dealing with an email outage in the last week, just as the end-of-semester crunch gets underway.

Students trying to access their email have been consistently receiving an error message since the power outage on late Wednesday, November 18th, 2021. Professors’ emails were back up and running as soon as Thursday, however that was not the case for students.

Network Administrator Jeff Wirth has sent out a message to students via email regarding the outage and how to fix the problems you may be experiencing.

“If you are experiencing issues logging onto the Hilbert email system… try clearing your browsers cache, if that does not fix the issue, please try using a different browser.”

Senior commuter students Nicole Hueber and Sheila Le both said that the outage has made school more difficult.

Le said that her email is something she regularly checks to make sure she is up to date on the happenings of the school. She said that it is something that has affected her negatively and made her anxious.

“I always constantly check my email every single day to make sure I’m not missing out on stuff… I’m worried I might miss anything like a quiz or a test,” she said.

Hueber said that not being able to access her email at a crucial part of the semester has made school more difficult.

“How am I supposed to get my schoolwork done if I can’t read my emails?” Hueber said. “Especially for three weeks in the grad program when you are constantly getting new information every other day.”

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