Hawks Pitcher Looks Forward to Upcoming Season

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in the Spring of 2020 the way our world works has changed drastically. More specifically, College Athletes’ worlds have changed even more drastically. Between not playing games, having to go on pause and limited practices everything a college athlete does has to be one step at a time. The coming season should offer a more normal experience

Brendan Walsh, a right handed pitcher for the Hilbert Baseball team, said he has yet to experience a normal College Baseball season. Last season, the Hawks baseball team was lucky enough to have a season but it was only half the slate as a normal one. With many protocols and precautions added into the mix it was tough to get that full student-athlete experience.

“I’m mainly most excited to get back to the field and play, and see what the guys got in them.” he said. “After a covid season too, I’m excited to actually experience a full season, including our trip to Myrtle.”

Last season, the Hawks finished with an 8-26 overall and 4-14 record in conference play. Although they anticipated a better overall season, it wasn’t for lack of competition. In the end the Hawks found themselves in a one game play-in game vs their rival Medaille to reach the AMCC Playoffs but unfortunately they fell short in extra innings.

However, on Walsh’s end it was anything but disappointing. The then Freshman pitcher had the opposing Mavs held scoreless through five innings. Walsh finished the day going six innings while striking out 7 batters. His day finished with 3 earned runs to his credit.

Walsh said the prospect of a more normal season has he and his teemates more motivated than ever to compete.

“The extra drive everyone has this season that wasn’t particularly there last season,” he said. “No one wants to go out the way we did, and I think the guys really took it to heart, so this coming season I think our whole mindset is really gonna change.”

The Hawks certainly have a lot to look forward to with this coming season as they’ve gotten a multitude of transfers and incoming freshmen to come in and compete this season. Walsh was hurt this summer and had to rehab the tendonitis in his throwing shoulder. However, he said he remained focused on his goal.

“This off season was mainly just lifting and getting mentally and physically prepared for what’s to come,” he said.

 Looking forward the underclassmen seems primed and ready to build off some of his successes on the mound last season with a full schedule to look forward to, as do the Hawks as there is quite a bit of buzz for what they might look like when they take the field this spring. The Hawks will get their next opportunity to compete this fall as their month long practice/scrimmage period is currently in the thick of things.

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