Hilbert Hosts Resume Writing Workshop

Last month the Hilbert Office of Career Development held a resume writing workshop lead by Rachel Wozniak.

The Office of Career Development at Hilbert provides many Skillshops as opportunities for students to advance their resume and cover letter writing. They also plan events that consist of learning about interview preparation, and appointments for sophomores to discuss their career plans.

The skillshop provided instruction about the six C’s of resume writing, the formatting of a resume, and what specific information should be included.

Hilbert student Kaylanna Szuniewicz attended the workshop as well and said that it helped her with her resume writing.

“I think the workshop was pretty good, and highly beneficial. I think being only you and I, while also already having a basis of a resume also helped.” Szuniewicz said.

Wozniak works with each student directly to help them improve their resume, and to make them feel more secure in their writing.

The Career Development section in Blackboard also has a variety of information about resume writing, as well as an example provided for students to base theirs on.

There will be many more upcoming Skillshops throughout this semester, which can be viewed in more detail and registered for on Handshake.

Todd Boberg, the Graduate Assistant of Career Development, said these upcoming Skillshops are beneficial to all students.

“All these upcoming Skillshops offer a great opportunity to learn more about resume and cover letter writing, as well as preparing for interviews,” he said. “Students at any class level can benefit from these events, especially those graduating in May.”

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