Q&A: SGA President Kody Harrison

In early February The Scribe had a sit-down interview with Student Government Association President Kody Harrison. We discussed the challenges he has with being President along with the successes and what he plans to accomplish for the current semester. Already Harrison and SGA have accomplished one of their goals. They eliminated 11 of the organizations 20 positions, bringing the total number of seats in student government to nine.

This is Harrison’s first term as President . He has previous experience being involved in SGA as the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) representative.

The Scribe: What changes do you plan on making in student government during your first semester?

Kody Harrison: We were just restarting SGA and got rid of a lot of positions because we felt as if some people were not doing enough work. We thought consolidating and having fewer positions would be helpful to the association. It’s definitely gotten easier. we built a foundation last semester.

TS: What have been some of the biggest challenges for you so far?

KH: Most of the struggles were the mask. It was a little difficult because there were students who were having problems with those new rules, and they did come to us about it. And so, we did bring them up to administration. But they said that that’s the best policy that they came up with. The most civil, I guess. We also had some social distancing issues with our meetings and events but other than that it was pretty smooth sailing.

TS: How did SGA handle the challenges presented during the height of the pandemic?

KH: Last semester we did welcome week. Most of the events were outside, since we’re able to take off the mask. I don’t think we did too much stuff indoors because we didn’t want students feeling that they were being forced to wear a mask or anything while trying to have fun and engage.

TS: Besides planning Bert Fest, what other goals are you hoping to accomplish this semester?

KH: We’re trying to get clubs more involved, so students know about the clubs because. I feel like the clubs are still kind of low in numbers, so we are trying to get these  clubs out there and try to get more clubs engaged with the community because we think some clubs are clubs but they don’t hold any events or anything, so we’re trying to get them to be more out in the open.

More on the administrative side of goals that we’re talking about different majors that we might be wanting to bring on campus or different issues that we see on campus that we’re trying to solve. So that could be like the whole new athletic programs coming out of campus. How is that going to look for Hafner? What are we going to do with Hafner and how are we going to restructure it if we’re going to build off? And then right now currently we are working on upgrading the lower campus center. So, we’re getting new floors for the Campus Center which students voted on which floor they wanted, which was light gray. We’re going to get new furniture in there. We’re gonna get a fridge in there. Microwave. Trying to liven up the place a little bit because it’s a  little bland. We want to put in a little fireplace area. Making it warm and cozy  so you can come down there and hang out with friends, maybe bring down their food from the dining hall and just chill out between classes.

TS: Election season is right around the corner. Are you planning on running for a second term?

KH: I think so because I feel like a put a lot in a lot of work and I want to see it pay off. If I don’t run for the presidency I may run for a different position.

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