Hilbert Honors Sisters of St. Joseph

On the 65th anniversary of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph founding Hilbert College, the college honored the sisters with the unveiling of the new FSSJ wall in the Bogel Hall foyer.

The wall includes a timeline of Hilbert all the way from it founding to present day, an interactive touchscreen tv, which has videos promoting Hilbert as well as pictures of people from the college from past and present.

In attendance were the current Franciscan Sisters as well as college President Michael Brophy, Dr. Diedre DeBose and other Hilbert College faculty.

DeBose gave a glowing speech in honor of the sisters.

“Thank you all for the sacrifices that you made. You have dedicated your entire lives to ensuring that others are ok,” she said. “Thank you for your commitment to servitude, simplicity and  joy.” 

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