Black Student Union Hosts Soul Food Dinner

The Black Student Union hosted a soul food dinner in the campus dining hall last month, part of the campus Black History Month celebration.

The Soul Food Dinner event was created and hosted by the Black Student Union by President Jamal Harris for all of Hilbert Community to attend. This event was created to give the Hilbert community a taste of soul food and for some members of the community a little piece of home, he said.

“I wanted to do something fun to end Black History Month,” Harris said. “Also, this was done by BSU in the past, so I wanted to bring it back. But I also wanted to support local black business.”

 Soul food is prepared and made as an African American tradition. Many African American families have soul food on Sundays to bring family together and to have a good time and just enjoy each other. This event means a lot to African American students who are far away from home and don’t have the chance to have a soul food dinner with their families, Harris said.

 Harris hired Park Vue, a soul food restaurant in Buffalo, to cater the event.

Fifteen students attended this event excited to have a taste of soul food.

“I’ve never really had soul food from a catered business because my family normally cooks soul food dinners,” said Wendell Abellard, a resident who attended the event. “I will definitely be looking out for more events like this in the future.”

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