Hilbert holds Night Event at 78 West

Music and laughter filled the air on Monday after Hilbert College hosted a musical concert performed by artist Phillip Jackson, also known as Eems. The concert took place in the 78 West Café.

In an interview, Eems explains that he is from Kansas City, Missouri, and has been playing music his whole life. He started off playing the drums and worked his way to the piano, then later started open mic. He has always written music and fell in love with the idea of performing. His mom was a choir director for the church, so music has always been a way to get together and show love. “I love performing in front of people, being on stage”, he says. Now, Eems travels on tour to different colleges to perform songs and bring people together with the art of music.

Hilbert was the second to last school for the tour and aside from good snacks and beverages, students were given the opportunity to come on stage and perform with musical artist, Eems. Alexis Kelson was one student in particular who stood out. After pushing herself out of her comfort zone, Alexis performed a freestyle on stage with Eems. This concert helped improve the confidence of many students by allowing them to perform and be a part of such a unique experience. Many college students are not given the opportunity to relax and have fun during a busy time of the semester, so it’s heartwarming to see people come together and enjoy music.  

Hilbert Involvement ran this event and was very happy with how this event turned out. Alex Gill, head of student involvement says that this was a time for students to relax. Life can get hectic, so this concert gave students the opportunity to escape everyday life and enjoy the comfort that music brings to life.

“This crowd was perfect. Hilbert Involvement knows how to throw a show! Thanks for having me and I can’t wait to see you all again soon”, writes Eems in a recent Instagram post.

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