Wonderhouse Coffee Offers Impressive Menu

As the Great Northern Elevator is dismantled, another beacon of Buffalo culture seeks to emerge in its shadow.

Situated on Ganson Street in the city of Buffalo is a budding and promising coffee shop. Wonderhouse Coffee provides a unique coffee and breakfast experience that screams Buffalo cuisine. With Riverworks and the Buffalo River as its backdrop, Wonderhouse features a drive-thru and a plethora of menu options. Waffle inspired dishes line the menu, featuring desserts and breakfast sandwiches that incorporate the waffle as the focal point of the dish.

Upon entering, the guest is met with a pleasant aroma that smells like maple syrup, cinnamon, powdered-sugar and funnel cake. The atmosphere is rustic and homey, with apparel and other Buffalo themed goods lining the walls. Adequate seating provides an inviting dine-in atmosphere. Old container hulls reside out back, providing outdoor seating for those who wish to dine outside.

I ordered a black coffee, alongside a waffle dish termed the “Pioneer.” The coffee was bold and robust, with a perfect bean to water ratio. The Pioneer was truly an awe-inspiring dish with a decadent presentation. Warmed blueberries top two waffles and serve as a filling. Additionally, brie cheese is melted in the middle, resembling the texture and flavor of cream cheese. It’s topped off with a sprinkle of powdered-sugar. This dish truly melts in your mouth, and the ingredients surprisingly complement one another.

Wonderhouse is located 16 minutes away from the Hilbert campus and can be reached quickest by traveling along Route 5.

Its namesake truly evokes wonder, as their menu is diverse and off the beaten track. Featuring a rating of four and a half out of five stars on Yelp, Wonderhouse Coffee has truly left many Buffalonians and outsiders alike impressed with what the City of Good Neighbors has to offer. As for myself, I’d personally rate Wonderhouse 5/5 stars, with no complaints whatsoever.

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