Hilbert Softball Bonds on South Carolina Trip

The Hilbert Hawks women’s softball team went on a trip to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina where They participated in a softball tournament, competing against seven[SJ1]  other college softball teams.  

Senior first basemen, Bailey Budziszewski said the team trip helped prepare them for the upcoming season this spring. 

“Practice is necessary and helps us improve, Budziszewski said. “Playing in games is much different than practicing in the gym among ourselves though it allowed us, specifically the coaches, to see what we can do. We can now have a better idea of our strengths and weaknesses individually and as a team.”

The 2023 Hawks will go into the season with two senior captains – Bailey Budziszewski and Victoria Lakeman – along with 23 other players. “The trip to Myrtle Beach created an opportunity for the players to build a stronger chemistry with each other.”

“We spent a lot of quality time together on and off the field,” senior captain Victoria Lakeman said. “We stayed in suites when we go to Myrtle Beach with about eight to 10 players per suite. We go grocery shopping together, make meals together and do various housekeeping tasks like washing our uniforms together. It was definitely a chance to get to know each other better and discover similarities among all of us.”

The Hawks will officially start their season  March 28, 2023, playing away at Elmira College at 3 pm. Individuals will be able to online stream the game through the Hilbert website.

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