Hilbert Starz Keep Spirits Up through Difficult Year

This school semester has been hard on many students with remote classes and sports. The Hilbert Starz are no exception.

The cheerleading team, like nearly every other part of campus life, has been affected by covid. They can’t compete. They are not at Hilbert sports events as they normally would be. And they can’t hold their typical spirit-promoting events.

But that hasn’t stopped them from spreading school spirit. This year they are working with Hilbert Spirit Squad to support athletic programs and provide encouragement.

Colleen Kumiega, the club’s faculty advisor, said that the team has put competition on hold with cheering at games or no competition in the area. But since the club is both a Student Government Association member and works with athletics they still have club obligations to service and fundraising.

“We did host a few Zooms to think of some fundraising ideas over the two semesters,” Kumeiga said.

Kat Pappas joined the Starz when she was a freshman. Because of Covid, she couldn’t do anything with the group her sophomore year.

“We might start some warm ups next year,” Pappas said.

Kumeiga said that the goal for startup is to have the girls do several pre made workout videos on their own for conditioning due to the gym and weight room not being offered to cheerleaders from lack of time availability. 

“We will use zoom as an extra practice for those who may need to catch up on sidelines and the dance routine,” Kumeiga said.

Kumeiga said that masking will also present a challenge. However, she believes the team will be able to figure out a way to adapt, perhaps take more breaks than they usually would.

“Honestly most of the girls have been to their own gym working out and are used to the mask,” she said. “But it’s not the easiest.”

Kat says that her favorite part of the Starz is how they can easily work together and try and improve our different stunting and if someone is struggling, we try and boost them up and say they can do it and we just keep trying.     

Kumeiga said the group has not had new members join since the beginning of the pandemic because theydid not hold tryouts in fall of 2020. But the team is hoping more members will join as things get closer to normal.

“We will still follow a team plan to practice and be ready for when events take place such as games or competition,” Kumeiga said. 

“We Bleed Hilbert Blue,” she said. “This is a team of true spirit and hard work but lots of team building and friendship making in the process.”

Hilbert Baseball Opens AMCC Play

Hilbert baseball opened conference play last week looking to follow up a big win against Oberlin College April 2. It would be a day where everything went La Roche University’s way.

The Hawks pitcher Aydan Rolph would only last 3 innings as the Redhawks got to him early scoring five runs. Jake Seymour, the starting pitcher for La Roche, threw six complete innings while giving up zero runs and striking out seven batters.

La Roche’s lead off hitter Austin Hoffman would have quite an offense game collecting two hits, one of those being his first homerun of the season. Hilbert would have seven hits in the first game but couldn’t plate a run dropping the first game of the double header 13-0.

In the second game Zachary Crane would start on the mound for the Hawks, but would leave the game in the second inning due to an injury. Before leaving crane would give up three runs, two of them being earned, making the score 3-0 heading into the bottom half of the third inning.

With the bases would be loaded for Misael Guzman., he hit a single scoring one and making the score 3-1. A couple pitches later Frank McCabe would score on a wild pitch making it 3-2. But two runs would cap Hilbert’s Offensive for the rest of the day. La Roche would continue to tack on 13 more runs throughout the rest of the game. Winning their second game of the season 16-2.

Hawks Baseball Splits with Hiram

The Hilbert Baseball team took on Hiram College at Gowanda High school this week, splitting the double header with the Terriers.

In game one there was a lot of offense from both teams. Getting the start game 1 would be Josh McTigue, who threw four innings, taking the no-decision. Bullpen pitcher Aydan Rolph picked up his second win in the short season, as the Hawks would battled back and forth in a intense offensive game.

The Terriers Would score the first run of the game giving them one run lead until the bottom of the third. After a couple of misplayed balls James Disanti would place a single into left field scoring 2, the next batter Misael Guzman would drive in another run off another Hiram error making the score 4-1 Hilbert.

But Hiram was not out of the game, answering with a four run fifth inning putting the Terriers up 5-4. In the bottom half of the inning Misael Guzman would step up to the plate with two runners on and send a 3-run home run over the centerfield fence, putting the hawks back on top 9-5 in the 5th inning.  Aydan Rolph would blank the Terriers in the 6th inning. Hilbert added three more runs on two extra base hits. A home run by John Wilson and a double by Brandon Job put the hawks up 12-5 headed into the 7th. The Terriers would not go down quietly scoring two runs in their last chance falling just short to the Hawks 12-7

In the second Game everything would go Hiram’s way. In the first two innings Hiram would score four unearned runs. The Hawks would try to get back into the game with back-to-back singles by Shawn Romanowski and Brandon Job,sending the nine whole hitter Frank McCabe up to the plate with two outs. McCabe hit the first pitch in his at bat one hoping the fence scoring 3 runs on a stand-up double. That would be all the scoring in the game for the Hawks. Hiarm would rally in the fourth inning scoring eight runs on six hits. The Hawks would fail to Hiram the second game 18-3.

Hilbert (2-4) will hit the road for another away series traveling to Oberlin, OH to face Oberlin College (0-0) with first pitch set for 2 p.m. Friday afternoon.

Hawks Baseball Drops Two to Wells

The Hilbert Hawk’s baseball team was on the road for the second series in a row to start the young season, taking on Wells College in Aurora, NY.

Hilbert would start the day of hot when Misael Guzman would launch a two-run homerun over the right field wall giving the Hawks a 2-0 in the top of the second. Wells would respond quickly in the bottom of the second tallying 5 runs on 3 extra base hits. The Hawks would try and rally back scoring two more runs in the first game but couldn’t hold Wells from tacking more runs on the board. Misael Guzman would give up 8 earned runs on the day giving him his first loss at Hilbert in a 4-8 defeat.

The second game was a great pitching duel, as Josh Mctigue would make his first start since the 2020 shortened season. The Hawks would only score 1 run on 3 hits, two coming from the freshman Colton Davis.

Mctigue threw four innings only giving up two earned runs. Hilbert would drop game two with a score of 4-1.

The Hawks(1-3) will be traveling to SUNY Fredonia(1-0) Saturday to play a double header march 27th, with first pitch at 12:00 pm.  

Hawks Baseball Set for Tuesday

After not playing a single game fin over a year the Hilbert Hawks baseball team will lace up their cleats on Tuesday.

The Hawks will be taking on cross town rival D’Youville. Their season was cut short last year due to the globe pandemic Covid-19, their last game played March 7th, 2020, where the Hawks swept a two-game series against Geneva College (PA) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina winning 3-1 and 10-4. The Hawk would set a record in the first 11 games of an early season last year going (6-5) being the first team in Hilbert history to come back from spring break with a winning record.

Players to watch this season would be Zach Crane, Jonathan Wilson, Josh McTigue all three being named on the Division III players to watch list. Crane (Pitcher) had to great starts last year going 2-0 on the young season (0.69 Era, 13.0 IP, 12 SO). Wilson (Utility) had a great start to his season being the top bat in the Hawks line up ( .436 AVG, 10 XBH, 11 RBI). He will be looking to have another great season. And McTigue would have two starts in the 2020 season picking up his first collegiate win. McTigue was a very effective arm in those two starts (3.86 Era, 11.2 IP, 9 SO).

Head Coach Drew Fittry said he is excited to see what these players can do in a full season.

“I couldn’t be happier for Zach, Jon, And Josh,” Fittry said.

Fact or Fiction Sharpens Students’ New Literacy Skills

This week students gathered on Zoom to sharpen their literacy skills at an event called Fact or Fiction, put on by the McGrath Library staff. Melissa Laidman, Hilbert’s reference librarian, created an event that lets you compete against your friends and other students to win the title of Ultimate News Fact- Checker. Laidman sat down with The Scribe to discuss the game and how she thinks it helps students learn to evaluate good and accurate information and separate it from unreliable information.

The Scribe: What is the main premise of the event and what are you looking to achieve?​

Melissa Laidman: The main premise is for students to be able to identify accurate and inaccurate news and information, from a variety of sources. We do it as a competition. First to answer correctly gets points for each question.  The catch is, students can’t just say “I think this is real” or “I think this is fake”, they need to find supporting evidence online. 

As far as what we are looking to achieve, my hope is that it will help students gain skills and tools to be able to notice when something’s not quite right when they read something online. There’s a lot of different ways we teach students to evaluate information, but it has been shown that taking the approach of “fact-checking”, or “lateral reading” is one of the most successful ways to ensure what you are reading is accurate. There is SO much misinformation out there online and even really smart people get fooled by it regularly. 

TS: Do you believe that these types of events are successful with students?

ML: I ran a similar event at another college, and it was pretty successful! The students who attended all indicated that they had a lot of fun and many asked for more events like it in the future. Most indicated that they learned something new as well. 

TS: How has zoom events been with Covid-19? Do you believe that more students are comfortable or less comfortable?

ML: Zoom and other online events can be really tough. My main inspiration for making this a game format instead of just an informational session or workshop, is because I really feel like so many students are just burned out on zoom and virtual classes right now. I have run some workshops on library research and the attendance has been pretty low, but the turnout for this type of program has been higher. 
As far as the student’s comfort level, it’s hard to tell. This type of event, interaction is required, but during classes and workshops students will just be there with cameras off and not say anything. But maybe they wouldn’t say anything in person either.  Another challenge is getting the word out to students, especially those who don’t necessarily come to campus or visit the library. 

TS: Do you believe that students are coming more on zoom or less? 

ML: I’m not sure on this one. Probably less, but I think it depends more on the type of event and how well it lends itself to being online. 

Hilbert encourages you to get out and get involved with the Hilbert Community, especially with zoom events. It is not the same as in person but Hilbert tries to keep it as normal as possible and keep the fun.

Hilbert Program to Provide Financial Support for Students

Applications are now open for the Student Emergency Relief Fund which is offering support for students who are facing financial barriers.

The fund, which is supported by the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, will assist students with a helping hand toward necessities that impact their ability to learn. This was created despite COVID hardships and is open to any Hilbert student that is looking for help with non-educated related expenses.

Jeff Papia, Vice President of Mission Integration & Campus Ministry, said that there are students that struggle being able to afford necessities that are essential toward becoming victorious scholars.

“We’re trying to assist students with food, transportation, utilities, rent or any other need that may crop up that prevents their ability to be successful here at Hilbert,” Papia said.

Students being able to receive support now is greatly important as there are many barriers that hold them back from being able to reach their full potential. This fund is unique as those that are awarded this money can use it toward weakening their financial strife.

“The emergency fund was established to assist students with things that are not related to tuition or books,” Papia said.

 Being able to get ahead on next month’s rent or not worry about bus fees can help students remain focused on their education goals.

“What we know here at Hilbert is that very often what prevents a student from being successful in the classroom often has nothing to do with the classroom. It is issues at home related to transportation, financial pressures related to rent or cost of living, childcare, those things that are sort of outside of the classroom that have a significant impact on life inside the classroom,” said Papia.

Just like many other funds, this one has a certain amount to distribute to applicants who are looking to receive help.

“There is a finite amount within the fund and for that reason we try to maximize our ability to support students by establishing a certain criteria and process to distribute the funds in the most equitable and diverse way possible,” Papia said.

Hilbert applied for this grant before the pandemic struck a year ago, only to realize how important it is now that applications are open. “The pandemic has only made so many of these emergencies more prominent and dire. It is being offered regardless of COVID-19, but because COVID is here it only makes it more necessary,” said Papia.

Hilbert Holds Stand Up to Bias Event

With Hilbert’s Unity Within Our Community month kicked off, things look different, but many events are available for the Hilbert College community.  

The Stand Up to Bias information session was hosted by Jeff Papia, Vice President of Mission Integration and Campus Ministry, via Zoom last month. Here students learned how to repair and restore the Hilbert College community by responding and standing up to bias.

Through the collaboration of faculty and staff Stand Up To Bias was revived with an intent to provide the community with a reliable source to strive and build unity. 

“We want to have a process by which to address these things because at Hilbert, and by being Franciscan we care about our community, we care about relationships and we want to make sure that everybody is happy, healthy and successful here at Hilbert and these harmful actions can prevent that from being so,” Papia said.

The event explained the procedure to fill out the Bias Incident Reporting Form, which can be completed by any individual at the Hilbert website. The event also educated students that this may be an ongoing process, but with the guidance and resources provided they will be able to reflect and grow despite the circumstances. By walking through the procedure students were made aware of the importance of their safety and how closely each investigation will be monitored. “I want to see numbers. We know there are incidents happening,” Papia said. 

“The goal is to make room for those expressions in so far as it’s healthy in so far as the dialogue is constructive, in so far is the goal and the intent is to learn in and throughout your expression and in so far as it creates a space where everybody can feel comfortable sharing their identity with us,” Papia said. “As a Franciscan community we cannot tolerate bias.” 

For more information, students, faculty and staff can visit the Hilbert College website http://hilbert.edu/bias or can reach Jeff Papia at jpapia@hilbert.edu and Gregory Roberts, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students groberts@hilbert.edu.

Hilbert to hold Covid Informational Session

Hilbert’s Counseling and Wellness Center will host a virtual informational session on covid-19.

The session, held over Zoom at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, will offer information on symptoms, impacts, vaccines and treatment of the disease and an opportunity to ask questions of health professionals, including Kalieda Health’s Dr. Kenneth Snyder.

Hilbert’s Allison Chatley said the session is open to all members of the Hilbert community.

“The goal of this collaboration with Kaleida Health Services is to give Hilbert’s community first-hand information about the current state of COVID, the development of the vaccine and allow a space for students and staff to voice concerns or fears they may be having,” Chatley said.

Community members can access the session with the link below:



Hilbert Kicks Off Unity Within Our Community Month

In an effort to promote unity Hilbert College launched the monthlong Unity Within Our Community drive earlier this week.

The campaign is aimed at providing students service opportunities while also promoting discussions around social and racial justice. Covid protocols will make for things a little different this year, but the college has daily events, programs and information sharing opportunities, with many of them being conducted over Zoom or through other digital means.

Rachel Wozniak, Hilbert’s director of service learning and community engagement, said her office is hoping to provide learning opportunities for students through service, while also fostering conversations around some of the big issues being discussed, particularly how the school community can apply Franciscan values to try to help solve problems.

“Since the pandemic began, our nation has witnessed its disproportionate and overwhelming effects felt by our communities of color,” Wozniak said. “The underlying inequities that are present in our communities became clearer than ever. As a Franciscan college, we must continue to educate, inform, and take the necessary steps to eliminate systemic racism and oppression.”

The events this week include a Stand Up to Bias information session Thursday beginning at 11:30 a.m. via Zoom. Students can learn about ways to stand up to discrimination within the Hilbert community. Sign up through Purple Briefcase.

Wozniak said the programs are designed to help students and community members recognize issues of racial inequity, understand the value of diversity and connect to God’s call for justice in the world.

“To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,'” Wozniak said. “As a Catholic, Franciscan institution, lets us learn from the lessons 2020 has taught us and continue to commemorate Dr. King’s legacy as we move forward in creating a more just community, devoted to compassion, empathy and dignity for all.”

Students can find schedules for programming on signage throughout campus, the can reach Wozniak at rwozniak@hilbert.edu or they can reach out to the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership.