Valentine’s Day: Ballers on a Budget

Do you have love, but no money? Read on.
By Adam Heftka
Well, Valentines Day is approaching us soon. And if you’re like me, then you might need some help with ideas on what to get your girlfriend or that special someone. Being in school means you have no money. But making this day special doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of jewelry or a really nice dinner. So I present to you some Ballers-on-a-Budget Tips.


  1. Put your ego aside and step into Build a Bear for ten minutes. Build a Bear is one of those gifts that is more thoughtful than you expect. Yes some bears are pricy, but others are only around 12-16 dollars, after picking out the right bear you have to dress it a little bit. This is where your creativity comes into play. You don’t have to get the whole costume for $16. Go for a separate top and bottom at $3-$5 apiece.

Total: $18-$25


  1. Give your special someone a massage, I’m talking lighting a few candles and getting some oil and give her a nice long back rub. Expensive oils can go up to $50. But those aren’t necessary here. All you need is a simple bottle of massage oil at any store for $5 to $10. But remember it is you doing the work that makes this special.

Total: $5-$15

 3) Dinner is always an important part to Valentine’s Day. But who has an extra $100 or more for dinner? Going to a restaurant is always nice but what about making your meal? Go to Wegmans or Tops and get something delicious, not extravagant. Sirloin is cheaper than New York Strip, and is tasty, too. Make this a romantic evening and cook together.

Total: $16-$30

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