Hilbert Dorms Ranked Second in State

Survey puts dorms at 81st in the nation. Some residents not so sure.

by Adam Heftka


The website Niche ranked Hilbert College second in New York State and eighty-first nationally in its rankings of the best college dorms released in December.

Niche included 1,713 colleges and universities in their national rankings of the best dorms. These rankings were done with data collected in four categories, including average housing costs, housing capacities, campus crime rates, and responses given to surveys by Niche users. Survey responses were given the most weight when completing the rankings.

The Student Housing Crime Rate at Hilbert was at 0 per 1000 as reported by the college.

Hilbert was given an average survey response of 4.1 out of 5. This survey response number was reached with 18 respondents from the Hilbert College residents.

Looking at our rivals, they didn’t even place in the top 35.

This ranking is compiled of 91 different New York state colleges and universities, which means they fall below the top third. Medaille was ranked 41st with 3.6 out of 5 student survey ranking, and D’Youville ranked 79th with a rating of 3.1 out of 5 student surveys.

Some Hilbert students have doubts about the legitimacy of the rankings.

We spoke to several dorm residents, who gave their housing mixed reviews:

“People (ranking officials) must have been dunk. Trinity seems like a day care, Joes smells and looks like an elder home, and the apartments are okay.” – Dave

“It’s great that Hilbert is recognized in this ranking, and as far as trinity hall and the apartments go, the ranking is appropriate. But, ask anyone who has lived in St. Joes, and they’ll tell you otherwise.” – Marisa

“The dorms are spacious and provide a comfortable living environment for students compared to other colleges with significantly smaller dorm rooms.” – Ryan

“I think that’s awesome we’re ranked 2nd! I’ve visited a lot of big universities and they don’t even compare to the dorms here at Hilbert. Trinity was nice because you got close to so many people. Living in Joes was different. I never really liked Joes due to the heat problems. The apartments were my favorite. They’re spacious and really truly makes you feel independent.” – Chelsea

“I could believe it. The dorms here are really nice, big, and we do have air in most of them for the hot summers.” – Tanner


To see the rankings follow this link: best-college-dorms

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