What’s Our Name? Help Us Choose

By Dan Higgins
Faculty Adviser
Like we said before, Hilbert College News is a generic name. It’s a placeholder name, because our ambitious publication schedule was faster than we originally anticipated. Pretty good, huh?

And now that we exist, there’s a place online where we can reach out and speak to the campus community. And we mean the whole community: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administration.

What we’re hoping you’ll do is help us choose a name. The first step is to get a pool of suggestions. Please think carefully and submit the form below.

Next, a panel of experts — including some current and former journalists — will narrow the list down to a few finalists, and we’ll come back to you for a vote.

What we’re hoping for: Something that will stand the test of time. Something that has a bit of weight behind it. With all due respect to our last student newspaper, “The H Files” sounds dated, here in 2016.

So, what did you have in mind?




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