Human Services Association Brings Speakers, Raises Awareness

By Mary Kate Wirfel

There are many  different careers that  you can get into with a degree in Human Services.  They include case workers to probation officers to counselors. The list goes on and on.

The Hilbert College Human Services Association is comprised mostly of students in Hilbert’s Human Services degree programs. The Association is a college club that spreads awareness on issues that many  people tend to overlook.

In 2014, the club won the Campus Improvement award for not only their work around campus, but their work in the community as well.

The Human Services Association invites speakers to campus every year for public presentations. Past guests include representatives of Crisis Services to talk about mental health awareness and sexual assault awareness.

Colorful minds is another group that the Human Services Association brought to the college. Two sisters help raise awareness about mental health,  mainly bipolar disorder. They do this in  memory of their brother who suffered from illness.

Human Services occupations  help raise awareness about homelessness in the community. Many who are chronically homeless also suffer from mental illness. Once each semester the club goes to the City Mission  Woman and Children’s center, and talks to the homeless women and children there. Last September the Human Services club took part in Project Homeless Correct, helping the homeless by giving out needed items like t-shirts, socks,  and  toothbrushes.

The club also host a “Transgender 101” seminar. A transgender Hilbert student gives a presentation about acceptance and provides awareness about issues facing transgender people. The club also took part in an Autism Awareness Walk and other fundraisers around the community.

For more information on Hilbert’s Human Services academic program, or the Human Services Association, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

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