Hawk Radio Needs You

By Evan James

After a few months’ hiatus, professor Don Vincent held a meeting in the library to discuss the future of Hilbert’s student radio, HAWK Radio. After Live 365, the streaming service HAWK was using, shut down in January, the school was left with no radio.
Students who had either worked with the radio in the past, or expressed desire to in the future, met and weighed the pros and cons of what to do going forward, such as whether it was better to find a new streaming service provider or change the whole service and implement a podcast type model.
While a definitive decision has yet to be reached, the group of students and faculty who attended agreed that regular meetings are the most effective way to make sure that HAWK can get back on track. Wednesdays are the tentative date that meetings will take place, and while that is subject to change, any students who are interested in being a part of the radio’s future are encouraged to talk to Vincent some time in the upcoming weeks.

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