First Film Festival Set


By Evan James


Professor Chris Gallant’s Digital Film Editing students are ready to show off the fruits of their labor on April 22 as the first Hilbert College Student Film Festival is set to take place in Bogel Hall 101. The idea, which was suggested by senior Danielle Lutz, will be the culmination of a semester’s worth of work, and for some even two semester’s worth of work.

“Most of us have been there since last fall, that was Digital Filmmaking,” says senior Nick Miller referring to the class that preceded this semester. The films vary in subject matter and genre, from comedy to dramas. Miller also says that at the end of the festival will be the debut of another film that is set to be submitted to a national contest.

This event will be free for all to attend and starts at 7pm.

One thought on “First Film Festival Set”

  1. This could be a lot of fun. Not sure I’ll make it because there is always too much to do, but I think it is wonderful that we have a chance to see what students have created.


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