Balancing School, Work, and Sports

Is it really as hard as you think to balance going to school full time and playing sports? What may seem even worse, adding work into the mix.

Megan Lee, a DMaC/ Marketing major at Hilbert explains her experience balancing cross country and classes. She explained she is able to balance everything by doing all of her school work ahead of time. “Do not wait until the last minute”, Megan said this is the worst thing you can do.

For students who are afraid to join a sport because they think it will be too, complicated Megan stressed that it’s not as bad as it seems. “Do not be overwhelmed, having to balance sports and school helps you become structured”. When asking Megan about the hardest part she exclaimed there isn’t one for her.

Samantha Bugenhagen balances just about everything, she’s in her third year for Forensic Science. Not only does she run track, she also works about 20-25 hours a week at Tops.

Sam’s day starts around 6:30, you would expect her to say the first thing she does is eat breakfast but instead, she works on homework. She leaves her house around 9:00 to make it to her first class on time, hoping she doesn’t get stuck in traffic. Her day is filled with classes from 9:35 to 1:40. Once classes are over she is either working on more homework or studying. Around 3:00 she gets ready for cross country practice, then has practice from 3:30 to 5:30. Right after practice she has to get ready for work, her shift goes from 6:00-10:00 pm. Her day is not over after work. Once she gets home she still has to eat dinner and shower. She can finally end her day around 11:00 when she has a chance to go to bed.

The toughest part for Sam is finding time for herself and trying not to get too overwhelmed. Similar to Megan, Sam believes it’s possible for perspective students as long as they stay organized and manage their time.

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