Bright Future for Criminal Justice Students

On October 5th the 10 annual Criminal Justice/Forensic Science career expo was held in West Herr Atrium.

One student, in particular, Nyesha Saez was ecstatic about the career fair. Nyesha majors in Forensic Science and plans to pursue a career as a crime scene investigator.

Nyesha figured out she wanted to major in forensics because of her interest in the show “Forensics Files”. Her high school guidance counselor was the reason she found out about Hilbert. The counselor she had said Hilbert had the best Forensics program in the area. Once she looked more into Hilbert she knew it was the school for her, she was not interested in any other school that offered forensics.

She explained you only need a bachelor’s degree, but can obtain your masters. When asked if she wanted to go for her masters she replied, “I do not want to go for my masters. I’m tired of school, I have been here long enough.”

Nyesha hopes to find a career in NY state, preferably with the Buffalo police. If not, she will take whatever she can get. She would love to stay in Buffalo because of her family. Nyesha is determined to get her career on track after graduation, she paid for many certified tests. The  tests are expensive but will be worth it in the long run.

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