Career Expo offers internships in the FBI!

The 10th Annual Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Expo was a popular event at Hilbert College on October 5th. Katie Martoche, the Director of Career and Community Engagement, explained how this event was not limited to criminal justice majors. All students with diverse interests can learn something from this, given the plethora of information at students’ fingertips.

In total, there were 18 groups, situated at different tables, with their pamphlets and posters on display. These tables offered career information for internships—a subject very prominent amongst the study body.

Retha Hunter, with the FBI Jobs, was present, promoting internship opportunities. She hopes to recruit college students to join a diverse team that keeps our communities and nation, as stated on their flyer they handed out during the event. FBI Jobs seek expertise in Intelligence, Computer Science or I.T., Foreign Languages, Engineering, Science, Accounting, Law, Military, and other investigative fields. To enter, a four-year college degree is required along with three years of professional work experience. As mentioned, professionals seek diversity, and appreciate students from all backgrounds. For example, if a student studied in the media or journalism field, a career in Public Affairs is a possibility.

Michelle, a transfer student from JCC, and a junior, studies Forensic Science. In addition, her friend, Chloe, a sophomore, and also a transfer from Millersville, Pennsylvania, is interested in Forensic Science, expressed interests in the criminal justice field. Both girls explained that they applied for an internship with the FBI. Chloe said that this expo was very helpful and presented a lot of information. This was their first time attending Hilbert’s event.

To learn more about the FBI Internship (Summer 2017) and University Hiring Program, visit FBIJOBS.Gov.

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