Who Will You Vote For?

By Dale Zielen

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Who is America’s best hope? In my opinion, neither.  We have all been keeping up with the never ending fighting between the two candidates and the debates they have been having, but nothing I’ve heard them say yet has convinced me that they are going to help us as Americans and as human beings. Honestly all I see is bad decisions and a shitty next four years, no matter which of the two are selected as president.
One of Donald Trump’s plans if he were to become president is to lower taxes for the middle and lower class people, and to make sure that the richer, more powerful people pay more, but not too much to where it destroys jobs or undermines our ability to compete. I find this funny considering Trump acknowledged the fact that he avoided paying federal income taxes for years, eighteen to be exact. But yes lower our taxes and you can pay your fair share Donald, maybe throw in a little extra since you haven’t contributed in quite awhile. He also talks about immigration and securing jobs for Americans which sounds fair, but when you start talking about building walls and saying immigrants don’t belong here in America, the land of opportunity, it can definitely turn people off. Also isn’t your wife an immigrant? Weird.
Now Hillary isn’t any better. She is definitely more welcoming and has a good heart, but she isn’t very bright. We all know about the whole email conspiracy and the wonders about her health. My question is: is she really her best right now? Can she serve and do a good job for four years without any concern that she may have health problems in the future? I guess only time can tell. Come November 8th, Americans are going to have to choose. Trump or Clinton? I have yet to make a decision, have you?

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