Pie a Professor

“Is thcjfs-pie-thingis fat free?” Forensics Science professor at Hilbert College and Forensics department advisor for the CJFS Association, Daniel Culver, laughed as whip cream dripped down his chin. On September 26, 2016 from 11 am to 1 pm, the Criminal Justice Forensics Science Association hosted a “Pie a Professor” event in order to raise money for the club. Both Doctor Mark Paoni, a criminal justice professor at Hilbert College and criminal justice advisor for aforementioned club, and Professor Culver were victims of multiple aluminum tubs of whip cream “pies” to the face.

“The money is for the club,” Chris Hotaling, club president and a senior majoring in Forensics Science, explained. “It’s to help support trips, expose students to criminal justice, forensics sciences, seeing speakers in that field, trips to prisons, and visit law enforcement agencies. We’re redoing it because it was successful last year.” Anyone and everyone could join in on the fun; C.J. Paoni even took up the offer and pied Professor Culver.

It’s important to work hard for what you want, and these young men and women are definitely doing their part to ensure their future is successful by hosting fun events such as these where both the club and the participants get something out of the experience.

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