Black Student Union

By: Breyana Laury

Have you been searching for a club but do not know what is right for you? How about trying out Hilbert College’s new Black Student Union Club. The Black Student Union is a club that focuses on celebrating, advocating for and increasing understanding of the heritage and experiences of Black culture. The club provides regular opportunities to discuss current events impacting Black culture locally, nationally and internationally. It also hosts larger campus wide events each semester to celebrate various historical accomplishments by this community, but most importantly the club is open to all students. If you are interested in becoming a member of Hilbert College’s Black Student Union meetings are held every Wednesday in the student lounge (Room 103) in Fran Hall from 2-3pm. At the meeting you will learn more about the club, its purpose, and of course if the club is a right fit for you. Please join us Wednesday November 16, 2016 at 2pm for our next meeting. All are welcomed and hope to see you there. If you have any questions before then please contact Shalimar Duplantis (Founder/President) at or Ahyana King (Advisor) in Bogel 103B or at 649-7900, ext. 243.

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