The SGA Election Results Are In

By Corey Boice

Hilbert’s Student Government Association had a decent turn out for the elections that took place on Monday, September 25 and Tuesday, September 26. More than one hundred students came out and voted for the candidates. Also, there was plethora of students who were written in as suggestions for positions by their fellow students. Thanks to those student voters, the Student Government Association is fuller and better prepared to help assist the general student population.

As it stands right now, both Freshman Representative positions were filled, both Senior Representative positions were filled, both Representative at Large positions were filled, the Resident Representative position was filled, and one of the Commuter Representative positions was filled. The SGA is still looking for students who are interested in joining, because positions remain open.

The open positions include both of the Sophomore Representative positions, both of the Junior Representative positions, one of the Commuter Representative positions, the Transfer Representative position, and the Diversity Representative position. If you are interested in those positions please reach out to the Advisor of the Student Government Association, Jessica Todd at

The new representatives are:

Ellie Page – Freshman Representative

Alyssa Przywara – Freshman Representative

Morgan Nellis – Senior Representative

Thomas Raiport – Senior Representative

Rebecca Vermilyea – Representative at Large

Lillian Pritchard – Representative at Large

Tristan Davis – Resident Representative

Cody Mayerat – Commuter Representative

If you see any of these students on campus, please make sure that you congratulate them!

Since the elections, the Student Government Association has had a few events on campus that were made easier to run with the help of these newly added representatives. One of the Student Government events that was a success was the Children’s Halloween Party that took place on Sunday, October 15, 2017 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. This event was a new experience for a majority of the new representatives, nevertheless they helped create and pull off an amazing event that brings in a lot of the community members from outside of the college. Keep an eye out for other Student Government Association events that are taking place on campus and join in on all the fun with your representatives!

Photo credit: This year’s Student Government Association at the Children’s Halloween Party. Photo taken by Danyel Nocito, October 15, 2017

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